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What you post on your Facebook wall may be showing up on the Facebook wall of all your friends. If so, then all your friends and all their friends can read everything you post. Also, whenever you comment or like one of your friend's posts all her friends can see that too.

If you want to keep your Facebook posts and comments a little more private and don't want everyone and all their friends reading them, there are some adjustments you can make so your Facebook settings. Adjust your Facebook wall settings for a little extra privacy.

First, you'll need to get to the right privacy page. Hover over "Settings" and click on "Privacy Settings." On the next page click on "News Feed and Wall."

Seeing Mutual Friends

  • Show Wall posts - If this is checked, any friends that you and another friend have in common will be able to see anything that you post on a friend's wall. So if you post to your friend's Wall, other friends may be able to read your conversation if they're mutual friends with both of you.Example: Amy posts a message to Brett's Wall saying "hello." Your Wall reads "Amy->Brett Hello." If Brett later replies to Amy, you'll be able to see the reply too. You'll be able to read the entire conversation.

Recent Activity on Highlights

Over on the right side of your Facebook page, you'll see a Highlights section. In this section, you can see what your friends are up to. That's the section that these Facebook privacy settings are referring to.

You can choose to let people see, or not see, when you've done any of these things. If you check any of these items, they may show up in the Highlights areas of your friends Facebook pages.

  • Comment on or like a note
  • Comment on or like a photo or album
  • Comment on or like a video
  • Comment on or like a link
  • Change relationship status

Recent Activity on Your Wall

Certain things show up on your wall when you change them. This is to let your friends know that you've made a change and what change you've made so they can go and look. If you don't think people really need to know every little thing you do, there are a few things you can keep off your wall.

Uncheck these items only if you don't want them added to your wall when you make changes to them.

  • Remove profile info
  • Post on a discussion board
  • Add a friend

Recent Activity in Chat

  • Show Recent Activity in Chat - Your recent activity can also be added to your chat conversations. This option is turned off by default. If you want your friends to have access to everything you do, even in chat, you can go in and turn it on.

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