Facebook Help and Tips: A Facebook Guide

Facebook tips, tricks and help with using the social network

The Facebook logo.


Facebook has become synonymous with social networking since the early 2000s, shooting past popular networks like MySpace and Hi5 to become the home away from home on the web. Today, it's the largest social network on the web by a landslide, with 2.37 billion monthly active users as of April 2019.

This collection of Facebook tips should help everyone from those new to Facebook to those looking to find hidden tricks and techniques that can improve your experience.

Facebook Help for Beginners Just Getting Started

Facebook has been around for a while now, but there are new people joining the social network for the first one every day. If you have yet to join but are considering it, you might find it helpful to read up on what Facebook is all about and why it might be a great idea to start using Facebook.

When you're ready, you can go ahead and sign up for a Facebook account. Then you can start familiarizing yourself with the main components of Facebook.

Facebook Profile Timeline Help

There are a lot of different parts of a Facebook profile nowadays, called "Timeline," which can certainly get overwhelming. Learn the basics of editing your Timeline, including the best way to go about choosing and uploading a cover photo.

If you have an existing Facebook profile, you might be interested in cleaning it up. Delete a single post or many posts in bulk if you like.

Make your Timeline less appealing to stalkers, too.

Facebook Help With Privacy

You should definitely take privacy seriously on Facebook. Check out our simple tutorial for customizing your Facebook profile settings and learn how to test your privacy settings once you've set them up.

Be aware of the Facebook Hack Scam so you know how to protect yourself if it comes your way.

Facebook Help With Friends

Friends are what make Facebook fun. Learn how to add and manage friends on Facebook, then organize them using custom friends lists. Find old friends to connect with and chat with them directly on the platform, using fun emoticons if you want.

Make sure you unfriend anyone who you don't want to be connected with anymore or block them if they're abusing or harassing you. You can also unfollow people without unfriending them.

Another scam worth knowing about is the Facebook Friend Request Scam.

Facebook Help With Pages

Facebook has grown beyond popular to become the de facto standard for social networking in the new millennium. As such, Facebook presents a great business opportunity for marketing your products or your brand.

Next, you can start interacting with your fans by asking them questions and boosting posts so they get more visibility. You can also customize your Page's URL add more details to your Page, like an Instagram tab or a Pinterest tab.

Other Facebook Tips and Tricks

Facebook help can be hard to come by if you are looking to accomplish a specific task. There are many different things you can do on Facebook, and the list never seems to end.

For instance, you can create and manage your own group on Facebook. You can connect Twitter to Facebook so your tweets automatically crosspost to Facebook. You can use Facebook Notes to write longer posts, you can create events and invite friends to them, you can hide posts from appearing in your News Feed and so much more.

Check out Lifewire's Facebook section if you want more tips.

Facebook Games

The popularity of the Facebook developer's network quickly turned the social network into a platform for social games. Although gaming isn't quite as trendy as it once was on the social platform, users still love to do it — particularly for the social aspect.