Facebook's Strategic Preferred Marketing Developers

Facebook has designated 12 sPMDs, Strategic Preferred Marketing Developers (sPMD). sPMD is a designation reserved for a small group of preferred marketing developers (PMDs) that are driving outstanding positive impact in Facebook’s marketing developer department. Each Strategic PMD earned the distinction through a rigorous selection process that was based on shared values, strategic alignment, and growth potential with Facebook. Selected companies will receive the highest level of support from Facebook teams; in exchange, Facebook expects each sPMD to demonstrate unprecedented success building and delivering technologies that make social marketing easier and more effective for marketers across the globe.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says the Strategic PMD title is “the highest distinction of excellence we have ever offered to our marketing developers and signifies our interest in building a relationship forged in the true spirit of collaboration and mutual value creation.” The goal of this initiative is to strengthen Facebook's ability to meet client needs and accelerate the transition of marketing on mobile devices.

Companies will be reevaluated every six months. At these intervals, Facebook will also consider inviting other PMDs to join in.

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Image courtesy of Adobe

What We Like

  • Creative Cloud Suite brings Adobe apps to the web.

  • Powerful print artwork tools.

  • Lots of fonts, clip art and image libraries.

What We Don't Like

  • Software doesn't fill all designer needs.

  • Apps have a bit of a learning curve.

  • Subscription model means you don't fully own software.

Adobe was founded in 1982 with the goal of trying to solve the problem of getting text and images on a computer screen to translate accurately and prettily into print. They also worked towards launching the desktop publishing revolution with their product, Adobe PostScript, which had a radical new approach to printing text and images.

Today, Adobe’s tools and services serve their customers in helping to create digital content, deploying content across media and devices, measuring and optimizing it over time, and achieving greater business success. Adobe helps its clients to make, manage, measure and monetize their digital content across every channel and screen easily with the help of experts and self-service tools in their variety of programs.

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Image courtesy of Ad Parlor

What We Like

  • Offers a full suite of digital ad buying.

  • Uses proprietary marketing software.

  • Covers a wide range of digital outlets.

What We Don't Like

  • Learning curve to understand marketing approach.

  • Automated approach can be confusing.

  • May be pricey for many smaller clients.

AdParlor was founded in 2008 and acquired by AdKnowledge in October 2011. AdParlor helps handle large Facebook Ad campaigns, offering a full-service management solution and self-service solution for how to buy Facebook Ads. They offer these services for the majority of the large spenders that use their platform to purchase their ads.

AdParlor works with large brands, agencies, and social gaming companies as advertisers. Their full-service tech support and self-service ad solutions offer quick feedback and immediate/accurate reports to help bring everything into one-dashboard page. AdParlor collects insights and ad data – allowing you to measure paid versus earned media. In addition to buying regular marketplace ads, AdParlor also offer premium ads, page post ads, open graph action spec ads, mobile ads, and many other unique ads that you can utilize via Facebook.

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Alchemy Social / Techlightenment

Image courtesy of Alchemy Social

What We Like

  • Helps tremendously with getting low cost traffic.

  • Very useful training course.

  • Get great insight into Facebook marketing.

What We Don't Like

  • Limited marketing approach.

  • Not many product offerings.

  • Limited training content.

Alchemy Social is part of the bigger company that purchased it, Experian Marketing Services. Alchemy Social is a social technology company that helps create social media marketing campaigns and tries to integrate social with other areas of digital and direct marketing. Their wide range of social promotion capabilities helps clients really unlock the potential of social media and it empowers them in creating a more meaningful and profitable relationship with their customers.

In addition to being a Facebook sPMD, Alchemy Social offers marketing execution services, consulting, and Alchemy Social Ad Manager, which is a Facebook ads management system that gives advertisers the power to create and deliver large social advertising campaigns through a user-friendly high-quality interface. They also offer a full range of re-targeting tools to help retarget your target audience and key fan engagement ideas.

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Brand Networks

Image courtesy of Brand Networks

What We Like

  • Unique AI advertising approach.

  • Long running brand.

  • Covers several digital networks.

What We Don't Like

  • Large brand doesn't always lead to personal attention.

  • Expensive for smaller clients.

  • Large, complex suite of products to navigate.

Founded in 2007, Brand Networks created the first Brand Applications on Facebook, PUMA Gift BOT, which was the first-ever application to give virtual gifts on Facebook. Brand Networks has been named one of just 35 companies globally Facebook has recognized as a “Preferred Developer Consultant,” which has helped lead to more partnerships and tools for them to use in building their applications.

Brand Networks is made up of a group of technologists who imagine, design, and build social, local, and mobile technology ads, campaigns, applications, and pages on Facebook. They strategize, plot, and analyze marketing campaigns and offer services in creating custom Applications, Story Planning, Social Intelligence and Analytics, and Creative Services (include design and copywriting).

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Glow Interactive

Image courtesy of Glow Interactive

What We Like

  • Successful, experienced marketing brand.

  • Effective brand development.

  • Very large, creative team.

What We Don't Like

  • Focused primarily on brand development.

  • Limited client feedback online.

  • Smaller skillset than other ad companies.

Established in 1999, GLOW is an award-winning digital marketing and creative agency based in New York City that works on driving online change. They put consumers first, ensuring that they are engaged, entertained, challenged and connected on any and every medium.

GLOW focuses on using the latest design practices and technology to develop successful, dynamic, and interactive marketing and advertising campaigns, mobile applications, casual games, branding initiatives and highly immersive alternate reality game experiences. To continue raising awareness and furthering growth opportunities for clients, GLOW has added digital marketing, PR and Social strategy, and execution to the list of services they offer their clients. They also added services such as social consulting and strategy through execution, online marketing, PR, contests and promotions, tune-in campaigns, content distribution and measurement, engagement and empowerment. Consumers are connected to the things they are most passionate about, and they are then provided with the access and the tools they need.

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Image courtesy of GraphEffect

What We Like

  • Very skilled in social marketing.

  • Innovative, new technologies.

  • More personal attention.

What We Don't Like

  • Younger company.

  • Mostly focused on social media.

  • Confusing assortment of branded apps.

GraphEffect is a collaboration platform for social marketers. Brands use the platform to coordinate their marketing initiatives and measure impact in the most effective, accurate way possible. GraphEffect’s platform creates a social network for marketing groups and people to work together on any variety of functions, such as planning, content creation, analysis, social advertising and more. The actual work area looks and functions like Facebook, allowing marketers to collaborate from all over, on multiple campaigns, simultaneously.

GraphEffect makes money primarily by charging marketers that execute the campaigns they plan through the tool, as well as taking a commission on Facebook ads and similar purchases marketers and individuals buy on other platforms.

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Image courtesy of Kenshoo

What We Like

  • Includes several forms of online marketing.

  • Automates online marketing for clients.

  • Includes custom metrics and reporting tools.

What We Don't Like

  • Unpredictable, unpublished pricing.

  • Not as appropriate for small businesses.

  • Complexity may slow down launch.

is a digital marketing Software Company that engineers technology solutions for search marketing, social media and online advertising. Kenshoo looks to empower marketers with technology that helps build brands and generate demand across all media platforms. The Kenshoo services offered help to deliver automation, business intelligence, integration and scale to clients, which helps them make better marketing investments.

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Image courtesy of Nanigans

What We Like

  • Cloud based solution.

  • Innovative marketing software.

  • 24 hour client support.

What We Don't Like

  • Metrics and reporting isn't perfected yet.

  • More geared toward branding than direct marketing.

  • Slow development cycle for new products.

Founded in 2010 by entrepreneurs who specialized in performance and social marketing, Nanigans’ original goal was to help advertisers maximize the effectiveness of Facebook advertising campaigns. Nanigans is the “Initial Facebook Ads API Partner,” and they take pride in complementing their business by stellar customer service and a commitment to keeping all of their customers informed. Every morning Nanigans’ staff and personnel scour the web for the most valuable articles related to Facebook advertising, delivering a roundup straight to your inbox via a mailing list you can join.

Nanigans’ Ad Engine carries through the difficult and complicated process of managing and optimizing large-scale Facebook ad campaigns by measuring beyond initial ad click through. This is done in order to meet specific business goals. Nanigans looks to drive app installations and page likes to viral referrals, repeat purchases and more.

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What We Like

  • Large catalog of marketing solutions.

  • Many add-on apps available.

  • Offers a Sales Cloud solution.

What We Don't Like

  • License costs increase every year.

  • Account managers change frequently.

  • Plug-in integrations can be tricky.

Salesforce.com is the enterprise cloud computing company that leads the transition of data computation to Social Enterprise. They have a cloud platform, apps, and a flagship CRM solution to help employees collaborate easily, and connect/be connected with customers like never before. Salesforce.com's CRM solution has pieces: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Data Cloud, Collaboration Cloud, and Custom Cloud.

The Salesforce.com application runs in the Sales ‘cloud,’ so it can be reached via the Internet from just about anywhere. The Sales Cloud includes a real-time sales collaboration tool, gives sales representatives complete customer profiles and account history, and allows whoever is using it to manage marketing campaigns’ spending and performance across many channels- all through the same application. Salesforce tracks all opportunity-related data including milestones, decision makers, customer communications, and any other information unique to the company's sales process. Users can also utilize Jigsaw business data to access over 20 million complete and current business contacts from right inside Salesforce CRM, and designing and automating any process in Salesforce CRM.

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77 Agency

Image courtesy of 77 Agency

What We Like

  • Offices located around the world.

  • Facebook, Google, and Bing partner.

  • Webaward achievement awards 2014-2017.

What We Don't Like

  • High hourly rate.

  • Business hours only.

  • Large company leads to less personal attention.

77Agency was founded in 2003 in London, with the goal of providing their clients with marketing solutions to help achieve all marketing goals. This is done through the smart use of the newest, most effective digital channels, and 77 measures the results for you beforehand so that it minimizes the investment risk.

77Agency is a 360-degree digital agency that provides the full range of new media marketing services from search right through to social and mobile. They are constantly tracking emerging trends and testing new technologies to ensure that they always provide the best, most innovative and effective online and mobile solutions to clients.

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Image courtesy of SocialCode

What We Like

  • Strong analytics capabilities.

  • Powerful social marketing tools.

  • Large customer reach.

What We Don't Like

  • Focused primarily on social.

  • Not as responsive as other firms.

  • Limited marketing capabilities.

Founded in 2010, SocialCode is the leading social marketing solution provider today. Social Code is dedicated to driving cross-platform interaction and marketing. Their capabilities are firmly planted in the advanced research of their Labs, which empower advertisers with unmatched campaign performance and community intelligence about those they want to influence. SocialCode builds targeted communities, engages audiences within those communities, and converts them to customers and evangelists for brands.

Building a valuable community is the main ideal of Social Code’s company mission. SocialCode helps its customers define their value and really capitalize on that value. The capabilities of SocialCode are rooted in the advanced research they do, which they use to empower brands with the advertising and intelligence needed to build and engage communities. SocialCode offers an enormous suite of services that work in concert to create valuable communities primed for downstream engagement.

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Spruce Media

Image courtesy of Spruce Media

What We Like

  • Offers enterprise marketing solutions.

  • Successful Facebook marketing.

  • Effective reporting and analytics.

What We Don't Like

  • Very small firm.

  • Limited marketing capabilities.

  • Focused primarily on Facebook.

Spruce Media is an enterprise class social software solution built from the ground up exclusively for Facebook Marketing, empowering brands to build and maintain relationships with their customers and users.

The Spruce Media Platform can be used as self-serve or combined with the Spruce Media support team, consisting of account managers and media buyers. Spruce helps advertisers and agencies spend money efficiently on Facebook marketing campaigns while ensuring delivery of the highest quality results in social ads, coupled with campaign insights for future analysis.