How to Snooze Someone on Facebook

Take a break from someone's Facebook posts with this handy feature

What to Know

  • In the upper-right corner of the post, select the three dots > Snooze [Friend's Name] for 30 days.
  • For shared posts, you have two snooze options: snooze the friend or snooze the page being shared.
  • To undo snooze, look for the Snoozed note that appears at the top of the post and select Undo.

This article explains how to snooze someone on and on the Facebook mobile app for iOS and Android.

Snooze a Friend's or a Page's Posts for 30 Days

In cases where you want to mute a particular friend's or page's posts without permanently unfollowing them, Facebook's "snooze" feature can help. This feature temporarily stops a person or page's posts from showing up in your feed for 30 days, after which they'll appear in your feed again.

When you snooze a person or a page, you'll remain friends or a fan of the page. They won't receive any notification that you snoozed them, so they'll never know.

  1. On a post of the friend or the page that you want to snooze, select the three dots in the top right corner of the post.

    Three dots in corner of Facebook post
  2. Select Snooze [Friend's Name] for 30 days.

    Snooze for 30 days on Facebook
  3. A message appears stating "You won't see posts from [Name] in your News Feed for 30 days." You can select Undo if you immediately change your mind. Otherwise, the posts from that person or page will not appear in your feed for the next 30 days.

Got the same problem on Twitter? You can mute Twitter users you follow (without unfollowing them) to stop seeing their tweets in your feed.

Choose Who You Want to Snooze in Shared Posts

Sometimes friends or pages share posts from other people or pages, which appear in your feed. Posts like this will give you two snooze options — one to snooze the friend or page you follow and another to snooze the person or page that's being shared.

Snooze options on a shared post on Facebook

For example, say that you love seeing your friend's posts in your feed but aren't crazy about the posts from one of their own friends they like to share. In this case, you wouldn't snooze your friend — you'd snooze your friend's friend.

On the other hand, if your friend shares a lot of different posts from their own friends or pages that they follow and you don't care to see any of their posts at all in your feed, you could choose to snooze your friend rather than specific people and pages they share posts from.

Undo Your Snooze If You Change Your Mind

If you decide at a later time that you'd like to undo your snoozing on a friend or a page, navigate to that friend's profile or that page.

Look for the Snoozed note that appears at the top of the posts and select Undo.

Undo Snooze on Facebook page

On the Facebook app, select the More button and then choose Snoozed > End Snooze in the menu of options that appears.

Unfollow Friends or Pages for a More Permanent Option

Snoozing is a great feature for temporarily hiding friends' and pages' posts, but if you find that you want a more permanent option after the snooze period is up, you might want to try the unfollow feature. Unfollowing a friend or a page causes the same effect as the snooze feature, but permanently rather than for a 30-day period.

Unfollowing means you'll remain friends or a fan of the page, but you won't see their posts in your feed unless you visit the friend's profile or page and manually follow them again. As with snoozing, unfollowing a friend does not notify them.

Alternatively, if you really like the snooze feature and would rather just extend the snooze period past the 30-day period, you can simply keep pressing snooze every time the 30-day snooze period is up for 60, 90, 120 or how many days you want. There is no limit to how many times you can snooze someone, and remember that you can always undo the snooze at any time.

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