How to Use Facebook's Restricted List

Not ready to unfriend or block that friend? Try restricting them instead

What To Know

  • Go to Facebook or open the app. Open the friend's profile, and press Friends. Pick Edit Friend Lists, and choose Restricted.
  • To restrict a post's visibility, write it normally, select the Public globe icon, and switch it to Friends.
  • To un-restrict, select their profile, press Friends, pick Edit Friend Lists, and select Restricted again to remove the check.

This article explains that Facebook's Restricted list is a feature that allows users to hide posts from specific friends on the social network by adding them to the Restricted list. Any Facebook friend can be added to or removed from this list at any time, and there's no limit to how many people can be on it.

How Do I Add Friends to a Restricted List on Facebook?

  1. Open the official Facebook app on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. If you prefer to use a computer, open your favorite web browser and go to the official Facebook website. Sign in if you're not already.

  2. Go to the Facebook profile of the friend you want to add to your Restricted list. If you're having trouble finding them, type their name into the search bar at the top of the Facebook website or app.

  3. Once on your friend's profile page, look for the button that says Friends. Tap on it.

  4. A small menu should pop up. Click on either Edit Friend Lists or Add to another list. The menu text will change depending on what app you're using or if you're on the Facebook website but the function is the same regardless of what it says.

  5. You will be shown a list of numerous Facebook lists designed to categorize the people you communicate with on the social network. Scroll down to the bottom of this list to the one named Restricted. Tap on it to add your friend to the Restricted list.

What Facebook Posts Can Restricted Users See?

Facebook friends on your Restricted list will still be able to see all of your posts published with the Public privacy setting as well as any posts published with the Friends privacy setting that they are personally tagged or mentioned in.

Public posts are identifiable by the globe icon while Friends posts have the icon that looks like two people. Any post can have its privacy setting changed simply be editing them via the ellipsis menu in the post's top-right corner.

How to Post on Facebook With a Restricted List

  1. After adding at least one friend to your Restricted list, create a new Facebook post as per usual.

  2. Before you publish your post, make sure that the Friends (people) icon is showing. If the Public (globe) icon is showing instead, tap on it and select Friends.

  3. Publish your post. It will now be viewable by all of your Facebook friends except for those that you've added to the Restricted list. Anyone on your Restricted list will automatically be unable to view posts you make for Friends from this point forward.

Can Friends Tell If They're on a Facebook Restricted List?

Facebook users are not notified of being added to or removed from lists on the social network so there is no direct way for your friends to find out that they've been added to your Restricted list.

How Do I Remove Friends From a Facebook Restricted List?

  1. To remove a Facebook friend from your Restricted list, open their profile page in a web browser or within an official Facebook app.

  2. Click on the Friends icon on their profile.

  3. From the new menu that's popped up, click on Edit Friend Lists or Add to another list. The exact text will vary depending on how you're accessing Facebook.

  4. Scroll down the list of Facebook lists to Restricted. There should be a check mark next to the list name. Tap on it to remove the check mark. They should now be removed from the list.

Why Should I Use a Restricted List?

Restricted lists can be useful for when you want to write posts or share a link about something without having to read negative or controversial comments from close friends or family members. The Restricted list can also be a practical way to stay connected with co-workers on Facebook without them seeing more personal posts from you relating to your home or love life. 

  • How do you stay friends with someone you restricted on Facebook?

    Don't tell them they are restricted! Your friend isn't notified that you placed them on your Restricted list. They can still see all of your public posts and any post you tag them in. Don't share the secret and stay friends.

  • What does Temporarily Restricted mean on Facebook?

    Your account can be temporarily restricted by Facebook for violations of community standards, offensive posts, or if Facebook sees security risks associated with your account. This temporary restriction has nothing to do with your Restricted list.

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