How to Ask Your Facebook Page Fans Questions

Use polls and surveys to ask questions and solicit opinions

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One of the best ways to engage your Facebook page fans (and get to know your audience better) is to ask them questions.

You can certainly just ask a question as a regular post and wait for your fans to comment — particularly if you want to get detailed, personalized answers. However, to make it faster and more convenient for your fans to provide their answer, you can simply set your question up to be a poll or a survey by providing them with a selection of answers to choose from.

Ask Your Facebook Page Fans Questions Using Polls

All Facebook pages have a built-in poll feature. Unfortunately, polls are currently limited to just two answer options that fans can choose from.

If you're looking for a very quick and simple question feature that only involves two basic answers, then using Facebook polls is a good way to do it. You can find the poll feature by clicking/tapping to place your cursor in the status update box, then selecting the three dots followed by Poll.

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Follow our detailed, step-by-step tutorial to find out how to create your own poll on your Facebook page.

Ask Your Facebook Page Fans Questions Using the Surveys for Pages App

Surveys for Pages is a third-party app that you can easily integrate into your Facebook page. The benefit of using the Survey for pages app is that it gives you a lot more customizable options — including the ability to select the question type (such as multiple choice, text box, scale of 1 to 5, etc.) add as many answer options as you want and even choose the colors you want to highlight your survey.

The downside of using the Survey for pages app is that it can't be embedded seamlessly into your page as a post like Facebook polls do. Instead, you have to add it as a tab to your Facebook page, share it as a link or embed it into your website.

How to Use the Survey for Pages App

  1. Navigate to in a web browser.

  2. Select the Get Started Free button.

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  3. Enter a brief description of what your survey is going to be about in the given field and select Continue.

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  4. Allow the Survey for pages app to connect to your Facebook account by selecting the Continue as [Name] button.

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    You might be asked to sign into your Facebook account if you're not already signed in.

  5. Use the form to create your survey. You can customize the following sections:

    • Question: Enter the general question you want your fans to provide an answer for. Select + Add instructions if you have more details you need to add.
    • Question Type: The default question type is multiple choice, but you can select from seven other types.
    • Options: Enter each different answer option into each field. Select Add Option to add more or Add "Other" to include an option where fans can type in their own answer. You can also add an optional image with each answer option by selecting the camera icon to the right of each.
    • Configuration: Choose whether you want the question to be mandatory and if you want the answer options to appear in a randomized order.
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  6. Select the green Save button when you're done.

  7. Select the blue Next: Preview button to preview how your question will look like.

  8. Use the Layout options on the left to customize the appearance of the title, colors and layout style.

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  9. Select the Next: Publish button.

    You can edit and add to your question survey any time you want, even after you publish. Just go back to the Questions tab in the Survey for pages app and select the + Add Question button.

  10. You can do a number of things to publish your survey:

  • Customize the Timeline Post: Select Replace image, Edit title or Edit description so that when you post the link to your page, fans are more likely to click on it.
  • Add the Survey to Your Facebook Page: Select Add to a Facebook Page to follow the instructions you need to install it as a tab.
  • Post the Survey on your Timeline: Select the clipboard icon to automatically copy the link to paste in a post to your page.
  • Embed the Survey on your Website: Select Show embed code to copy a piece of code to paste into the HTML code of your website or blog.
  • Invite your Friends: Send personalized messages to friends asking them to complete your survey question.
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There are lots of other question and answer solutions out there. Consider checking out of these popular form builders that allow you to collect submissions from fans and followers.