How to Use Facebook Questions to Engage Your Fans and Friends

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A simple way to engage your fans and grow your fan base is to ask them what they think about a wide range of topics. You can ask your friends something as simple as where should you go on vacation next. As a business Facebook page, you can ask what new slogan to use in your next marketing campaign. Whatever you want to ask, the Facebook Questions App makes it easy to do.

What is Facebook Questions?

Facebook Questions is a Facebook app that lets you get recommendations, conduct polls and learn from your friends and other people on Facebook. Individual users can create a Facebook Question, like if you wanted to survey your friends, and post it on your profile; but page admins can also create a Facebook Question to post on their Facebook Page as well.

How Do You Get Started with Facebook Questions for Pages?

Simply go to the page you admin. If you don’t already have Questions, go to Facebook’s Questions page and click the green button that says “Get Questions Now.”

How to Ask a Question on Facebook Questions (for pages or individuals)

  1. Click on the “Ask Question” button at the top of your Home page.
  2. Enter a question, and click “Add Poll Options” if you’d like to create your own answer options (if you do not create poll options then your question will be open-ended).
  3. Choose who can see your poll by using the audience selector.
  1. If you’d like to create a poll where people can add their own answer options, make sure the “Allow anyone to add options box” is checked.

How Do You Find, Answer & Share a Facebook Question?

You can see a feed of questions and answers from you and your friends by clicking the Questions link in the left tab of your homepage.

Answer questions directly from your news feed or from the person’s or page’s profile who uploaded it. Click the option you would like to vote for. To leave a longer response, click the question title and write a comment in the Posts box.

If you find a question that you would like to share with your friends or on your page, click on the title of the question. Click the “Share” button towards the bottom of the pop-up box (you can also click the “Ask Friends” button, which allows you to share the question with specific friends, or the “Follow” button, which allows you to subscribe to notifications for that question). When you click “Ask Friends,” select the friends who you want to share the question with, and click “Submit.” When you click “Share,” write a comment, choose where you want to share the post, and click the “Share Question” button.

What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Facebook Questions?

What I like:

  • It's a native Facebook App
  • Easy to share
  • Helps users get quick input
  • Monitors how many people are responding to questions
  • Allows users to ask, follow, and answer questions as a page or individual
  • Users can ask different kinds of questions including yes/no, multiple choice, or open-ended
  • Users can vote for as many answer options as they like
  • When a page asks or answers a question, all people who like the page can see the story
  • If users do not like a question someone asked and do not want it to show up on their brand’s page, they can remove the question
  • Users can choose up to 10 poll options and also allow for any user to add their own options to the question
  • Anyone on Facebook can view a question as it can be continuously shared
  • Anyone on Facebook can respond/comment/vote on any question

What I don't like:

  • Inability to add images or videos to the poll
  • No URLs allowed in a question
  • Inability to tag people/pages in a question
  • All questions allow users to comment/respond, therefore, a question could result in TONS of comments/responses with just 1 vote
  • The individual or page who creates the question can only give up to 10 answer choices (however, you can click the option to allow anyone to add their own answer options as well)

Why You Should Use Facebook Questions

Whether you are an individual or a page, Facebook Questions is a great way to monitor what people are saying about topics that are relevant to you. Using Facebook Questions is an easy way to get personal advice or to promote one’s brand by allowing users to quickly and easily sound off on what they think about your specific questions.

Additional reporting provided by Mallory Harwood.

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