Facebook Protect to Begin Requiring 2FA for Select Accounts

The added security measure has long been encouraged

High-profile accounts that Facebook considers at risk of being targeted by hackers will soon be required to set up 2-factor authentication.

The Facebook Protect security program, which provides extra protection against hacking to eligible accounts, is planning to make 2FA mandatory in the near future. The program currently provides stronger security measures, monitoring for hacking threats, and the option for 2FA. According to Facebook, that option for 2FA isn't being used as often as it should.

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In order to make it easier for Facebook Protect users to meet the new 2FA requirement, Facebook is also attempting to make the sign-up process easier to complete. Early tests utilizing improved customer support and simplified enrollment have allegedly produced adoption rates of over 90 percent over the course of a month.

Accounts for journalists, human rights defenders, political candidates, and so on are considered the most at-risk. Facebook claims that many of these users aren't using 2FA, despite the potential for increased risk.

In its announcement, Facebook states, "... we believe this is an important step forward for these highly targeted communities."

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Facebook plans to expand the 2FA requirement globally over the course of the next several months. It's important to note that 2FA will not be a requirement for all Facebook accounts (just for Facebook Protect users) but is still recommended for everyone.

Currently, the only way to join Facebook Protect is via an invite sent directly from Facebook.

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