What Are Facebook Boosted Posts?

Page admins can target posts to be seen by specific people

A boosted post is a way to promote a post to get more exposure for a Facebook page. Unlike free methods to promote posts, a boosted post costs money. The goal of a boosted post is to get specific people to see it, resulting in more clickthroughs to your websites and more likes, comments, and shares on the post.

What You Can Do with a Boosted Post

Facebook Page admins can boost any original post, including status updates, offers, videos, and questions. You can boost a post while creating it or after publishing it, no matter how old the post.

You cannot boost posts you shared from other people or pages.

You can target a boosted post to a specific location, age group, or gender. When setting up your boosted post options, you set a daily budget, and Facebook estimates how many people will see the post every day during the ad's duration.

Boosted posts on Facebook can run for any period. You can manually set the expiration date or choose from a quick button that runs the ad for one day, seven days, or two weeks.

Other important details about boosted posts on Facebook:

  • Boosted posts are labeled in fans' News Feeds as "sponsored."
  • Boosted posts can be paused and resumed at any time.
  • Boosted posts offer page admins descriptive insights into how many people they reached.
  • Boosted posts can be purchased worldwide and in a range of global currencies.

How to Boost Facebook Page Posts as You're Creating It

There are multiple ways to boost a post on Facebook. First, we cover how to boost a post as you craft it in the post composer, followed by how to boost an existing post on your page's timeline.

  1. On your Facebook page, use the post composer to create a new post as you would do regularly.

  2. Select Boost Post.


    When boosting something other than a text post, the button might be called something else, such as Boost Event for events.

  3. Select the options you want in the Objective, Post Button, Audience, Duration, Budget, and Payment sections.

  4. Select Boost.

How to Boost an Existing Post

You can quickly boost an existing post from your Facebook page.

  1. Select Promote at the bottom of the left menu.

  2. Select Boost a Post.

    The Facebook Promote options on a Page
  3. Select Boost Post next to a post that's been published.

    Several posts that can be boosted on a Facebook Page

    If you know where the post you want to boost is on your page's timeline, go to it and select the Boost Post button that appears beneath it.

  4. Choose your options for each section and select Boost.


You can also use the Promote page to get more website visitors, gain more leads, boost an Instagram post, promote your "Send Message" button, and promote your Facebook page.

What About Highlighted Posts on Facebook?

Highlighted posts are no longer a feature on Facebook. They used to allow you to amplify your profile and page posts by expanding them to widescreen.

All profile users and page admins could highlight a Facebook post for free by clicking a small star icon on the post. Unhighlighting was just as easy, which would revert the post to its original size.

Highlighted posts would always appear on a user's timeline, even while newer posts would become hidden over time.

Highlighted posts had these characteristics:

  • Gave the page owner a brief insight into the number of organic and viral viewers of the post.
  • Were an easy way for individuals and businesses to let friends and fans know about an important post or update.
  • Were most effective with a status, video, or photo.
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