Facebook Promoted vs Highlighted Posts

Image Courtesy of Facebook © 2012

You regularly post great content on your Facebook profile or page. But you want to find a way to feature the more important posts. Facebook has two features you can use, promoted posts and highlighted posts. The Facebook terms promoted posts and highlighted posts are often used interchangeably; however, they are two completely different things.

Promoted Posts are posts that Pages pay for in order to reach a larger audience, while highlighted posts allow both users and Pages to feature an important post more prominently on their Timeline.

What Are Promoted Posts?

  • Promoted Posts help increase the people a Page reaches so more of the Page audience and friends of those interacting with a post will see it
  • Promoted Posts will be labeled in users’ newsfeed as “sponsored”
  • Page admins can promote any post as they are creating it, or can promote a recent post that is less than three days old
  • Promoted Posts can be targeted to a specific location or language
  • Once admins promote a post, it can be paused and resumed at any time
  • Promoted Posts will give the Page admin descriptive insights into how many people the post reached
  • Page admins can promote any kind of post including status updates, photos, offers, videos and questions

What Are Highlighted Posts?

  • Highlighted Posts let users amplify their status updates by expanding them to widescreen
  • Highlighted Posts will always appear on users’ timelines, while other posts will become hidden over time
  • Highlighted Posts are free for all users and Pages
  • A user or page admin can highlight any kind of post on their own Page including status updates, photos, offers, videos and questions
  • Users can un-highlight a post at any time, and the post will revert back to its normal size

What is the Difference Between a Promoted Post and a Highlighted Post?

Promoted Posts

  • Promoted Posts are only available for page admins to use on Pages (not individual profiles)
  • Promoted Posts cost money and allow more users to check out a post from a Page, as people who like the Page, and friends of those who interact with the post will see that Promoted Post
  • Promoted Posts also allow page admins to see the statistics about which users saw their post

Highlighted Posts

  • Highlighted Posts are available for both page admins and individual users to post on their timelines
  • Highlighted Posts are free and allow users and Pages to feature an important post
  • Highlighted Posts give the page owner a brief insight into the number of organic and viral viewers of the post

Which Post Should You Use?

  • Promoted Posts are an easy and fast way for businesses to reach more people who like a Page and their friends
  • Promoted Posts can be most effective with a deal, offer, or promotion
  • Highlighted Posts are a great and free way for people and business to let their friends and fans know about an important post or update
  • Highlighted Posts can be most effective with a status, Facebook Question, video, or photo

How to Promote a Page Post On a New Post:

  • Go to the sharing tool to create a post
  • Enter the post details
  • Click on Promote and set your desired total budget
  • Click Save

On a Recent Post:

  • Go to any post created within the past 3 days on your Page timeline
  • At the bottom of the post click Promote
  • Set your total budget based on how many people you want to reach
  • Click Save

How to Highlight a Post

Click the star button on the top right corner of any post to highlight it. The post, pictures, or video will expand across the entire timeline making it easier to be seen.