How to Upload, Organize and Manage Photos on Facebook

The Ultimate Guide to Managing Pictures on Facebook

Facebook photos are one of the most popular features on the world's largest social network. People post various types of photos on Facebook for different reasons. Learning how to upload, organize, delete, tag, and more will enable you to manage your photos on the social media channel.

Facebook Profile Pictures

Every user can display a small profile picture to represent themselves and change it as often as they like. To upload or change your profile picture:

  1. Log into Facebook and select your name or profile picture in the left pane or at the top to access your profile page.

    Name/profile photo
  2. Select the camera icon below your name to upload or change your profile photo.

    Camera button on Facebook profile photo
  3. In the Update Profile Picture window, select one of your existing photos or choose Upload Photo to add a new one.

    Update Profile Picture window in Facebook
  4. Alternatively, select Add Frame to add a frame to your current profile photo, or select the pencil icon to edit your thumbnail.

Facebook Cover Photos

Users also have a big photo display space across the top of their profile pages. The horizontal images that users can display there are called cover photos. You can change your Facebook cover photo at any time, just like profile photos.

Status Photos

People can post a photo through Facebook's publisher box, which is then displayed in their friends' news feeds. The photo can either serve as a standalone status update or illustrate an accompanying text status message. People can also publish groupings of photos through the Facebook publisher box, typically using the "create a photo album" function. You can also add a photo to a comment on someone else's post.

Facebook Photo Albums

Photo albums on the social network are just a group of photos displayed together. You can manage Facebook photo albums in several ways: title them, caption each of the images inside, add photos later, publish them to your friends' news feeds and organize the albums in various other ways, too.

Privacy of Facebook Photos

You have options for how public or private you want your photos to be. You may wish to read a guide to Facebook photo privacy for all the details.

Facebook Photo Tag

Users can "tag" themselves and other users who appear in photos uploaded to Facebook, as this guide to adding a tag to a Facebook photo explains.

Delete Photos from Facebook

If you no longer want specific pictures to appear on your Facebook profile, you have the ability to delete photos from Facebook permanently. This includes everything from your uploads, to your cover and profile photos, to entire photo albums.