Using the Facebook Pages Manager App With Your Business Page

Easily manage your Facebook Page from your mobile device

An image of the Facebook login tab on a smartphone.


You can do just fine with using the official Facebook mobile app to update and manage your Facebook Page, but there's another option. The Facebook Pages Manager app is a standalone app that Facebook developed specifically for admins and editors to manage their Pages.

Why Use the Facebook Pages Manager When You Can Do Everything From the Facebook App?

Facebook has actually come a long way in making its Pages section of the official Facebook app as intuitive and useful as ever. When you navigate to your Page within the Facebook app, you'll see four main buttons at the top (Home, Posts, Ads and More) along with a Create Post field and a snapshot of Updates, Insights and Recent Posts beneath it.

The upside of managing your Page through the Facebook app is that it makes most of the main tasks simple. The downside, however, is that it looks nothing like how your fans or followers are viewing your Page — with no option to view it as a fan/follower.

This is where the Facebook Pages Manager app really comes in handy. You can view it and use it like an actual Page, similar to how your fans and followers view it (and also similar to how you would view and manage your Page from

The Facebook Pages Manager app also offers better functionality via a menu at the bottom and quicker switching between Pages if you manage multiple ones. In many cases, it might be a better option over the Facebook app.

Use Facebook Pages Manager When:

  • You want to view your Page similar to how you view it on or how fans/followers view it (including cover photo, Page photo and post feed).
  • You manage multiple Pages.
  • You want to easily be able to see/manage Page insights, messages and notifications.
  • You don't use the main Facebook app for anything else except managing your Page.
A screenshot of Facebook Pages Manager for iOS.

Use the Facebook App When:

  • You occasionally check your Page on mobile but do most of your posting and management from the desktop.
  • You're more interested in seeing your latest insights and creating quick, convenient posts on mobile rather than viewing your Page the way fans/followers view it.
  • You only have one or two Pages you want to manage on mobile.
  • You use the Facebook app often and prefer to keep the number of apps on your device to a minimum.
Two screenshots of the Facebook app for iOS.

Why not use both? There's no rule saying you have to use one or the other. You might find that you prefer one over the other after using them both for some time, but you can make the decision to do all of your Page management from just one when the time is right.

A Brief Look At the Facebook Pages Manager App's Features

There are five main menu tabs located at the bottom of the app, plus two important manager options in the two upper right corners.

Page tab (flag icon): See your Page how a fan/follower sees it. Update your cover photo/Page photo, add a button, publish a post, share a photo/video, create an event, promote your Page and see a feed of all your latest posts.

Page Insights tab (line graph icon): See a summary of your insights for the past month, your most engaged posts, your event insights, your page activity, your page discovery and your audience.

Messages tab (inbox icon): See all of your latest Page messages and respond to them easily.

Notifications tab (bell icon): See all your latest likes, comments, tags, mentions and more.

Tools tab (briefcase icon): Take advantage of Page tools for sharing and promoting your Page.

Menu option (hamburger icon in upper left corner): See all of the Pages you manage and toggle between them easily.

Settings (upper right corner): Configure your Page's general settings and options like visibility.

Getting Started With the Facebook Pages Manager App.

The Facebook Pages Manager app is free to download for Android devices from Google Play and for iOS devices from the App Store.

Once you open the app on your device, it might recognize that you're already signed into Facebook somewhere else — like on the official Facebook app, if you have it on your device. if not, you'll be asked to sign into your account.

Facebook Pages Manager will automatically recognize the Pages where you're an admin or editor and add them. Remember you can toggle between them by tapping the menu icon in the upper left corner.