Use the Facebook Pages Manager to Manage All Your Pages

Your Guide to the Facebook Pages Manager App

One of the biggest complaints of Facebook users who manage several Facebook pages is that it is not easy to update your Facebook Page from a smartphone or tablet. The Facebook app is clunky and glitchy, which makes it hard to keep page(s) up-to-date when not on a desktop computer. Facebook has released a solution with its Facebook Pages Manager app, which has social media managers rejoicing.

What Is Facebook Pages Manager?

Facebook Pages Manager is an app that helps administrators manage his or her Facebook pages from is or her iPhone or iPad. 

How to Get Started

The Pages Manager is available in the Apple app store for the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad (Android users are not yet able to take advantage of this app.) To get started, a user just needs to install the app for free and log into his or her Facebook account. Once logged in, the administrator will see the list of all the pages being managed.

Features of Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook Pages Manager has a similar look to the regular Facebook app, but Facebook Pages Manager is focused on managing specific pages. While individual pages can be managed on the regular Facebook app, the Facebook Page app has more features, and it's focused on making it easier to manage your page on the go. People often complain that with the regular Facebook app there are numerous bugs, and it’s not easy to properly post content to your pages. The Facebook Pages Manager app appears to have fixed those issues.

With the Facebook Pages Manager users are able to:

  • Write a post or comment
  • Share a photo
  • Receive notifications of "likes," comments, and new fans for each page
  • View the “Admins” and “Insights” page
  • Access a “Filter” button

What’s Good About the Facebook Pages Manager?

The Pages Manager makes maintaining various business pages incredibly simple. Admins can easily choose from a list of pages and begin posting photos, updates, and comments. The Facebook Pages Manager is a useful tool because you can also do the following:

  • Allows admins to manage all of his or her pages from one application
  • Offers much more space for composing posts
  • Makes it easier to add text to uploaded photos
  • Notifies admins of new activity on their page
  • Allows users to see who else is an administrator of each page
  • Provides admins with a detailed overview of insights and page stats, including a breakdown of how many people the page has reached and how many people are talking about the page, along with a trends graph
  • Allows admins to filter between individual posts from users, the page's posts, or hidden posts

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What’s Bad about the Facebook Pages Manager?

While this application makes maintaining pages easier, it also faces some problems. With this new application, administrators are unable to:

  • Access messages
  • View photo comments
  • Look up photo albums
  • Upload photos to a specific album
  • Upload videos and add questions or events
  • Tag people or pages
  • See the news feed for pages that have been liked
  • Adjust page settings

One of the biggest issues is that you have to have two apps for Facebook. The Facebook Pages Manager app would have better functionality and accessibility if it were built into the main Facebook app itself.

Why You Should Use the Facebook Pages Manager App:

This free app makes it easy for page administrators to do most everything on their iPhone that they would be able to do on a computer. It is also much easier to use than the standard Facebook App for iPhones. Facebook Pages Manager is especially helpful for people who manage multiple pages, letting him or her easily check notifications and insights for each page while on the go.

Additional reporting provided by Mallory Harwood.