Facebook Officially Unlocks the Oculus Go VR Headset

The Oculus Go is dead, long live the Oculus Go

Though Facebook has discontinued future support for the aging Oculus Go standalone virtual reality headset, it has made a big move that should give it some more use. 

The social media giant issued a software update to allow full root access to the Oculus Go headset, with no jailbreaking required, as reported by the official Oculus developer blog. This move has long been rumored, especially since id Software founder John Carmack, the consulting chief technology officer of Oculus VR, said in September that he was in favor of unlocking the device.

Oculus Go Unlocked

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"This opens up the ability to repurpose the hardware for more things today and means that a randomly discovered shrink-wrapped headset 20 years from now will be able to update to the final software version, long after over-the-air update servers have been shut down,” Carmack said in a Tweet last month.

So what, exactly, does this mean? The unlocked operating system allows Oculus Go owners to, well, do pretty much whatever they want. Install anything that will run or repurpose the device to suit your individual tastes and desires. Savvy developers could keep the Go useful and fun long after Facebook has completely abandoned it. 

Of course, once the update is installed, you won’t be able to receive any official security updates, so exercise caution when tinkering and installing applications made by disreputable sources.

The software update already is available, and the download page provides clear instructions as to how to integrate it onto your device.

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