What You Need to Know About Facebook Offers

What is a Facebook Offer?

Image courtesy of Facebook © 2012

Facebook Offers is a newly updated feature that allows businesses to post an offer, such as a restaurant or store discount, on their Facebook page. While the service has been available for some time, businesses that want to push those offers to other Facebook users will now have to pay a fee.

There are three types of Facebook Offers that a Page may purchase:

  1. In Store Only: These offers are good in-store only, and to be redeemed, customers present the offer either in print (from e-mail) or by displaying it on their Smartphone
  1. In Store & Online: These offers can be redeemed by customers both online and in a store’s brick and mortar location
  2. Online Only: This offer can be redeemed online only, through your company’s website or online platform

Although this service has existed, new updates have recently been added to the feature, these include the following:

  • Available to all Pages with 400+ Likes
  • Ability to create Offers for In Store Only, In Store & Online and Online Only
  • Add a unique redemption code
  • Create a barcode

How Can I Create an Offer?

Facebook Offers are only available to be posted by Facebook Pages, not individuals. Also, in order for a page to be eligible to create an offer, they must have 400 or more likes. Facebook has a video on how to create an offer and more information on what this feature entails.

The following steps will take you through the process of creating an offer:

  • In your status bar, click on “Offer, Event +”
  • Select “Offer”
  • Click the type of offer you would like to make: In Store Only, In Store & Online or Online Only.
  • If you would like your offer to be redeemable online, type the complete web address where customers can take full advantage of their offer. If you would like, you may also add a redemption code for people to enter.
  • Type a headline that will grab attention. For example, “Buy 2 Necklaces, get the 3rd FREE!”
  • Upload a thumbnail size photo to better explain your offer.
  • You also have the option to limit the number of claims by clicking Unlimited and choosing your desired number.
  • Set an expiration date for your offer by clicking the date and selecting another in the future.
  • Dictate the terms and conditions of your offer by clicking Terms.
  • For in-store offers, companies have the option to add a barcode to be scanned.
  • Click Preview to review the offer before making it available. Facebook will also send the maker a preview of what the offer email will look like when your customers claim it.
  • Click back to make changes.
  • When you are satisfied with the offer, click Set Budget.
  • Choose the budget that you are willing to spend to promote your new offer. Take note that the reach increases with larger budgets.
  • Click Share.

Merchants are also now required to pay at least $5 to run Offers. They will remain free for users to claim. Also, according to the Jon Loomer website, ”When you use the new Facebook Offers, your first campaign will be free. Your second will cost a minimum of $5-10. It’s not clear yet exactly how this will work, but it appears that Offers are essentially being combined with Promoted Posts.

In other words, you aren’t paying for both, but you’ll be paying what you’d typically pay to promote a Facebook Post. There just won’t be an option.”

How Can Users Claim My Offer?

When potential customers see your offer on Facebook, they will need to follow these simple steps to claim it:

  • Click “Get Offer” to have the offer sent to their personal email address
  • Print the offer email and bring it to your store location or visit your website to redeem it.

Tips on How to Create a Great Facebook Offer

(Bolded tips courtesy of Facebook)

  • Make discounts substantial. If your offer is for a discount, make it for at least 20% off of the regular price. According to Facebook, offering items for free of charge in addition to a purchase typically performs better than discounts.
  • Keep it simple. Make sure you define and explain your terms and conditions as simply as you can. Also, avoid any unnecessary steps for customers.
  • Use a clear and engaging image. When you are choosing a photo, keep in mind those presenting someone using your product or service will have more benefit than a photo of the item alone. Also, take note that your Page's profile picture will also be shown next to your offer in most places, so be sure you do not use the same photo for both.
  • Keep language natural and direct. Make your headline is attention-grabbing, but also do not add any extra confusion. Your headline should feature the value of your company’s offer rather than a slogan without any substance.
  • Set a reasonable expiration date. Time is important. Make sure you leave enough time for your customers to see and claim your offer. This is a great way to engage in word-of-mouth marketing as well, leave time for customers to talk and post about your offer.
  • Promote your offer. A great way to promote your offer is by pinning it to the top of your page. Facebook recommends that you re-share existing offers rather than creating new ones, in order for you to easily track its reach.
  • Train your staff. Make sure your staff understands the terms of your offer and how customers are able to redeem it.
  • Use a photo. The best option is to use a photo of your product or people using your product or service.
  • IMPORTANT: You can't edit an offer after you post it.

Additional reporting provided by Katie Higginbotham.