Facebook Messenger’s Got Some New End-to-End Encryption Updates

Along with screenshot notifications, message forwarding, and more

Several updates focusing on end-to-end encryption have come to Facebook's Messenger app, intended to improve safety and privacy when connecting with friends or family.

Facebook's Messenger app now supports end-to-end encryption for group chats and calls and many other features, thanks to its latest update. While the feature was previously introduced in August 2021, it was only available for one-on-one communication.

Messenger end-to-end encryption


In addition to being able to encrypt chats with more people, the update also includes other privacy and security improvements. Screenshot notifications will let you know if someone takes a screenshot of your messages, keeping you informed of what other users might be doing without your knowledge.

You can also reply directly to specific messages in your group chats, and you're able to see an indicator for when someone is typing. Verified badges are also being included in group chats, so you can tell if an account is the real deal.

Messenger on Android


The app has also received a few non-safety or privacy-related additions like message reactions, message forwarding, and the ability to edit photos and videos before you send them. And if you see any photos or videos you like in the chat, you can save them to your device—though Facebook doesn't mention notifications for someone saving your media.

Most of the new features for the Messenger app are available to use now, though screenshot notifications are planned to arrive "in the coming weeks." Also worth noting, if you intend to take advantage of end-to-end encryption, you'll have to manually enable it first.

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