How to Download Facebook Messenger for Windows

Chat with friends and family on your desktop PC

Screenshot of Facebook Messenger for Windows 10

Facebook Messenger sends and receives messages with people you're friends with on the social media platform. The Windows version is similar to the one that appears on Facebook's website. Use the app to get notifications, search through your messages, and share photos, GIFs, and videos. The app doesn't have the ability to play Facebook games, create reminders, or send money like

The Windows version of Messenger is optional. Chat with friends and family through the Facebook website if you don't want a separate app taking up hard drive space. If you choose to use the app, here are instructions on how to download and install it.

Instructions in this article apply to Windows 10 version 10240.0 or higher. Facebook Messenger is only available for Windows 10. A Mac version is expected sometime in 2019. See the section at the bottom of this page for alternative Messenger programs.

How to Download Facebook Messenger for Windows

To download Facebook Messenger from the Microsoft Store:

  1. Open the Microsoft Store app or visit the website.

  2. In the Search bar, enter Facebook Messenger and press Enter.

    Screenshot of the Microsoft Store with the words
  3. Select the Messenger icon to go to the product page.

    Search results for the phrase
  4. Select Get to begin the download and installation process.

    Screenshot of the Facebook Messenger download on the Microsoft Store
  5. When Messenger finishes installing, select Launch to open the program, log in, and begin chatting.

Facebook Messenger for Other Operating Systems

If you use a different operating system than Windows 10, use Messenger in a web browser or download a unofficial third-party program.

On Windows, Linux, and Mac install Messenger for Desktop. Another option for macOS is Messenger for Mac.

Screenshot of an unofficial Facebook Messenger app in Windows 8

Messenger app for Windows is like the web version but it can be installed on a computer or run as a portable program. It supports themes, hides "seen" messages, suppresses the typing indicator, supports sending money, and lets you view archived threads and see message requests.

Regardless of which operating system you use, access Messenger in its full form through its official website, To use Messenger on a mobile device, install the Android or iOS app.