How to Group Chat With Facebook Messenger

Talk with several Facebook friends simultaneously

Facebook Messenger lets you chat with your Facebook friends using a dedicated mobile app that's separate from the primary Facebook app.

With it, you can not only send text, pictures, videos, and voice messages like a regular chat room, but also play games, share your location, and send/request money.

Messenger is extremely easy to use, so it doesn't take much at all to start a group message on Facebook.

How to Group Chat on Facebook Messenger

If you don't already have the app, Facebook Messenger is available for download on iOS, Android, and you can download it for Windows 10 or use it in a web browser from Facebook.

Create a New Group

If you've already created groups, you can reuse them in future chats. Here's how to set up groups in Messenger.

  1. Open Messenger and tap the new chat icon.

    In a browser, click the Facebook Messenger icon at the top of any Facebook page.

  2. Tap Create a New Group.

  3. Select people from your friend list to add them to the group.

    Setting up a Facebook group chat.
  4. Tap Next.

  5. Give the group a name. (You can change it later.)

  6. Tap Create.

    Setting up a Facebook group chat.
  7. You are automatically an admin for any group you create and you can control who is allowed in. If you'd like to require approval from you or another admin, tap the group name at the top, then tap Member Requests, and toggle on Admin Approval.

    Facebook group chat member settings.

Remove Members of a Group

At any time, you can remove people from the group chat.

  1. Open the group in the Messenger app.

  2. Tap the group name at the top, then tap Members.

    Removing members from a Facebook group chat.
  3. Select the friend you want to remove.

  4. Tap Remove From Group.

How to Add More People to the Group

You can add people to a group manually through your contacts or by sending a share link that anyone can use.

New members can see all the past messages sent within the group.

  1. Open the group you want to edit.

  2. Tap ADD PEOPLE.

    Adding members to a Facebook group chat.
  3. Select one or more Facebook friends.

  4. Tap ADD at the top-right.

How to Leave a Facebook Messenger Group

If you no longer want to be part of a group you started or were invited to, you can leave.

  1. Open the group you want to leave.

  2. Tap the group name.

    Leaving a Facebook group chat.
  3. Scroll down and tap Leave Group.

  4. Tap Leave Group to confirm. If you're leaving a group you created, you can set a new admin. If you don't, the first person you invited who is still in the group will become the admin.

    Leaving will notify the other members that you've left. If you don't want that to happen, you can delete the chat, mute the conversation and/or turn off notifications.