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Talk with Several Friends at One Time

Facebook Messenger
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With Facebook Messenger, you and your friends can chat with each other. It even has a group chat function so you can chat with several friends all at the same time.

Facebook Messenger is a Facebook app that you and your friends can add to Facebook. Once you add Facebook Messenger you'll be able to create a chat room for you and all your friends to chat together in.

Get Facebook Instant Messenger

Add Facebook Instant Messenger just like you would add any other Facebook app.

Go to the Facebook Messenger app page and click on the button to add the application. Once you've added the application you can start adding friends to Facebook Messenger so they can chat with you.

Add Friends

Once you're in the Facebook Messenger chat page you can start adding friends. Click on the tab that says "Invite." Choose the friends you want to chat with and invite them to add the Facebook Messenger app. Now you have to wait for someone to add the app. Check back later.

Using Facebook Messenger


  1. As long as you're logged into Facebook you'll see your Facebook toolbar at the bottom of your browser. In that toolbar, you'll now see the icon for Facebook Instant Messenger. It looks like a little word bubble. To start Facebook Messenger, click on that icon.


  2. You'll get a notice telling you about the icon and how to use it. Click on "Continue & Don't Show Again." This will take you on to Facebook Messenger and will also keep you from seeing this notice again in the future.


  1. See who's online. These are the people you can chat with. If they're listed, but not online, you can still send them a message that they'll read later.


  2. To start a chat, click on the person's name that you want to chat with.


  3. Now just type a message into the smaller bottom text box, then click on send. Your friend will see your message and will then be able to chat back with you.


  1. You can see the ongoing chat as it happens. Invite other friends to join if you want. Enjoy!
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