How to Group Chat With Facebook Messenger

Talk with several Facebook friends simultaneously

Facebook Messenger lets you chat with your Facebook friends using a dedicated mobile app that's separate from the primary Facebook app.

With it, you can not only send text, pictures, videos, and voice messages like a regular chat room, but also play games, share your location, and send/request money.

Messenger is extremely easy to use, so it doesn't take much at all to start a group message on Facebook.

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How to Group Chat on Facebook Messenger

Download Facebook Messenger if you don't already have it. You can get Messenger on your iOS device through the App Store (here), or on Android from Google Play (here).

Create a New Group

  1. Access the Groups tab in the app.

  2. Choose Create a Group to start a new Facebook group.

  3. Give the group a name and then select which Facebook friends should be in the group (you can always edit the group members later). There's also an option to add an image to the group to help identify it.

  4. Tap the Create Group link at the bottom when you're finished.

Edit the Members of a Group

If you decide that you want to remove some members:

  1. Open the group in the Messenger app.

  2. Tap the group name at the top.

  3. Scroll down a bit and then select the friend you want removed from the group.

  4. Choose Remove From Group.

  5. Confirm with Remove.

Here's how to add more Facebook friends to a group on Messenger:

New members can see all the past messages sent within the group.

  1. Open the group you want to edit.

  2. Tap Add People at the very top.

  3. Select one or more Facebook friends.

  4. Choose Done at the top-right.

  5. Confirm with the OK button.

Here's another way to add members to the Facebook group if you'd rather do so through a special share link. Anyone who uses the link can join the group:

  1. Access the group and tap the group name at the very top.

  2. Scroll down and choose Invite to Group with Link.

  3. Select Share Link to create the link.

  4. Use the Share Group Link option to copy the URL and share it with whoever you want to add to the group.

Disable Link option will appear after you create the URL, which you can use if you want to stop inviting members this way.

Leave a Facebook Messenger Group

If you no longer want to be part of a group you started or were invited to, you can leave like this:

  1. Open the group you want to leave.

  2. Tap the group name at the very top.

  3. Go to the very bottom of that page and choose Leave Group.

  4. Confirm with the Leave button. 

Leaving will notify the other members that you've left. You can instead delete the chat without leaving the group, but you'll still get notifications when other members use the group chat. Or, select Ignore Group at Step 3 to simply stop getting notified of new messages but not actually leave the group or delete the chat.