Facebook Gives Back the Chronological Timeline

But you have to work for it

Facebook revealed a new Feeds tab that finally brings back a chronological timeline view—but it still defaults to an algorithm-driven "personalized" feed every time you open the app.

The change from a chronological timeline to Facebook's current algorithmically curated feed frustrated users who preferred to only see posts from their friends or family. Many have continued to look for ways to adjust their feeds into something more relevant to their interests. Or at least something that lets them see what their friends are posting. But now chronological feeds are finally back—sort of.

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As part of this, Facebook has introduced a new Feeds tab that allows you to choose what you see in the app. Feeds will let you sidestep the Home timeline with one tap, pulling up a small list of other feeds you can control yourself. And with no promoted posts, according to Facebook.

From there, you can cycle through feeds focusing on your friends, pages you follow, designated favorites, and more.

Facebook Feeds tab


However, the default Home timeline will remain a prominent feature, and you'll see it when you open the app. There doesn't appear to be a way to make your choice of feed options the default view.

The new Feeds tab hasn't made its way onto the Facebook app just yet, but according to Zuckerberg's announcement, it should be launching later today.

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