Facebook Gets New Controls to Boost the Content You Like

Now you can influence the algorithm

Meta has announced some new tools to give users more control over and customization for their Facebook feed. 

Facebook can be a murky hellscape at times. You never know what sort of post that one guy from middle school is about to lay on you. But these newly announced features give you increased control over the algorithm to limit the kinds of posts that appear in your feed. 

Facebook Feed


At the heart of this update are 'Show more' and 'Show less' buttons, which are new displayed on certain posts. Show more increases the ranking score for that post and any posts like it, so you'll shine a spotlight on the stuff you like. The reverse is true for Show less, which allows you to reduce the types of posts you don't like.

The people or groups you adjusted are not alerted to any changes, so your relatives can carry on with their hot takes. Facebook's all-knowing artificial intelligence algorithm, however, is alerted, and the company says this will make it "smarter and more responsive."

The feature is rolling out now but is currently only being tested on some posts. Look for the three-dot menu in the upper right-hand corner for the buttons to check if an individual post has access to Show more and Show less. 

Additionally, Meta says they will soon incorporate these tools into Reel posts, so you can throw down the gauntlet on that cooking video you hate.

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