Facebook Gaming Now Supports Esports Tournaments for Everyone

Amateurs, pros, friends, and families now have a place to stream and compete

Our socially distant, stay at home situation is not going anywhere anytime soon. We need distractions. Facebook Gaming tournaments could be one of them.

Epic Games

Facebook Games has launched the addition to its Facebook Games platform and now supports esports tournaments for everyone.

Why tournaments: Esports is big business and a big deal for gaming pros, but with everyone socially distancing and staying at home, more gaming amateurs were looking for a way to play more casually, but still in a tournament environment. Facebook, according to VentureBeat, which had been working on Tournaments for a while, but mostly as a support from in-person esports events, fast-tracked the platform to support Stay Safe at Home COVID-19 prevention efforts.

How does it work: Anyone can set up a tournament, which provides streaming, brackets, live chat, promotion, invites, and even fund-raising tools for those looking to use a tournament to help support a cause. It cannot automate matchmaking inside games like Players Unknown Battleground and Fortnite, or report the results of a match, but they’re working on it.

What Facebook says:The goal is to empower these gaming communities to coordinate and have these tournaments engage these communities,” Facebook Gaming tournaments head engineer Mina Abouseif told VentureBeat

Bottom Line: If you game, use Facebook, and know some other stuck-at-home gamers, this is a way to launch your own tournament without concerns about whether or not your skills match pro-level, esports requirements.

Via: VentureBeat

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