How to Use Emoticons in Facebook Comments

Visit Facebook's Sticker Store to Expand Your Commenting Options

Smiley faces

Facebook makes it easy to add emoticons—the tiny faces or stickers that indicate your emotional state or activity—to your comments. In addition to the stock emoticons that are available to you when you post your status, the comments field gives you access to stickers on a huge range of topics that work just like emoticons. 

What Are Facebook Smileys, Emoticons, Emoji and Stickers?

Smileys, emoticons, emoji and stickers are terms most people use interchangeably to refer to the tiny graphics that are ubiquitous on the internet. At one time, they were allowed only in Facebook's chat and Messages apps and were not offered in the main Facebook news feed until 2012. Since then, the usage of emoticons on Facebook has proliferated to status posts, comments and just about everywhere else you can use them. Even the familiar Like button offers a limited set of alternate emoticons.

How to Use Emoticons in Facebook Comments

To add a comment to any post on your Facebook news feed, click on the Comment tab under the original post. It is located along with the Like and Share tabs at the bottom of the post.

The field where you type your comment has a camera and a smiley face icon in it. If you hover over the smiley face icon, you'll see "Post a Sticker." Click on the smiley face icon after you type your comment to open the sticker screen that contains categories of emoticons. These stock categories, which are labeled by emotion or activity, are Happy, Sad, Celebrating, Working, Angry, In Love, Eating, Active, Sleepy and Confused.

Click on any category button to preview the emoticons contained in it. Click on any one emoticon to add it to your comment.

You can also type a word in the search field of the sticker screen to preview stickers. Typing "Birthday" brings up only emoticons and stickers related to a birthday, for example.

Adding Additional Stickers With the Sticker Store

If you don't find the emoticon you need in the stock categories, click the plus sign in the sticker window to open the Sticker Store. There, you'll find more than 200 categories of stickers on topics as diverse as Snoopy's Moods, Manchester United, Hacker Boy (or Girl), The Ghostbusters, Despicable Me 2, Candy Crush, Cutie Pets, Pride, Sloth Party and Hair Bandits. Click on the Preview button to see the stickers in each package. When you find a package you like, click on the Free button. This places the sticker package icon in the Sticker window of your comment field for easy access.

When you want to use any of the emoticons in the package, you can select them right from the comment sticker window. If you decide later you don't want that package in your comment sticker window, just click the plus sign to return to the Sticker Store, where you can remove it.

The emoticons in the sticker window and the Sticker Store are available for comments, status posts and photo comments. 

How Emoticon Code Works in Facebook Comments

Once upon a time, if you wanted to use an emoticon on Facebook, you had to know the text code for each smiley or emoticon you wanted to use. You typed a specific series of characters and symbols in the comments box in order to make a particular graphical icon show up in your comment or reply. That is no longer necessary, but you can still do it if you want. When you type the familiar code  :-) in the comment field, you will see the graphical smiley face when you post the comment. 

Emoticon Name Followed by Code

Facebook supports the code for many of the most popular emoticons in use on the internet. These include:

  • smile :-) :) :] =)
  • wink ;-) ;)
  • grin :-D :D =D
  • kiss :-* :*
  • grumpy >:( >:-(
  • glasses 8-) 8) B-) B)
  • sunglasses 8-| 8| B-| B|
  • upset >:O >:-O >:o >:-o
  • confused o.O O.o
  • pacman :v
  • unsure :/ :-/ :\ :-\
  • frown :-( :( :[ =(
  • cry :'(
  • angel O:) O:-)