Alter Facebook With Greasemonkey Scripts

Change your usual Facebook feed with Greasemonkey codes

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Facebook codes are fun to play around with. With these Facebook codes, you can change the way Facebook looks, feels, and works for you. When you install and use these Facebook codes to your computer you can change colors, get rid of ads, change your theme and more.

Before Installing Facebook Codes

If you use Firefox as your web browser, you'll have to first add the Greasemonkey add-on. The Greasemonkey add-on will let you install Facebook codes. Get the Greasemonkey add-on and make sure the monkey's face at the bottom of the screen is in color or you won't be able to use the Facebook codes.

You can use Greasemonkey scripts with the Chrome browser without having to install the Greasemonkey add-on. You can simply download user scripts and click Install. They work just like a standard extension in Chrome.

Finding Facebook Codes

Facebook is constantly changing. If you want to use codes to change its appearance, block sponsored posts or ads, download videos or hide recommendations, etc. you will need to find a source of the current codes that work. Here are sources of user-generated codes that you can try. These codes are use-at-your-own-risk. You can search anywhere on the web for Greasemonkey codes, which have a URL that ends with .user.js and is not served with a text/HTML. The sources below are listed by Greasemonkey. This search for Facebook codes brings up the codes in order of relevance. You can also choose to see the list by daily install, total install, ratings, created date, updated date or name. There are several scripts for blocking Facebook sponsored posts and ads. GreasyFork has help pages for how to install user scripts, how to write them, their policies, and how to report issues.

GitHub Gist: This site is where any user may post simple files and code scripts. You can search here for the type of Facebook code you would like to use. You only have to click on the link to install the script. Each script includes the creation date, comments, a star rating and the ability to "fork" or clone the script. You can use the search box to search for the type of Facebook code you are seeking. The scripts include the last update date, number of installs, rating, and description. You can see the reported issues with each script. It can be useful to see what other scripts the author has posted and any comments on those as well.

Suggested Codes

  • Remove all Facebook ads
  • Hide Facebook ads
  • Block Facebook sponsored posts
  • Hide recommendations on Facebook (such as "People you may know" and "Recommended pages,")
  • Facebook color changes
  • Facebook timeline cleaner
  • Facebook activity cleaner
  • Delete all Facebook friends
  • Facebook videos downloader
  • Wider Facebook content to see content over more of the width of your screen.
  • Facebook group chat painter
  • Increase size of Facebook chat box
  • Change the Facebook notification sound
  • Facebook themes to customize its appearance