How to Use Facebook Chat on Your Smartphone or PC

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With over 100 million worldwide users, a bevy of great applications and a clean interface, Facebook has quickly become one of the top social networking tools on the Internet since it launched in February 2004.

Facebook Chat

Thanks to the addition of Facebook Chat, you have one more reason to join the social network: real-time instant messaging with their web-based IM client. In this guide, explore our top tutorials and articles, and learn how to use the feature to talk with your friends on the social network.

Articles About Facebook Chat/Facebook Messenger

  • How to Use Facebook Chat: Our original tutorial series shows you how to connect for instant messaging and webcam chat directly from your web browser.
  • Top Facebook Chat Problems and SolutionsNeed help with your messenger problems? Chances are good we have a workaround or other troubleshooting tip here.
  • Top IM Clients with Facebook Chat Support: Want to use a desktop IM client to reach out to Facebook friends? Learn how to log off the social network and start a conversation using one of these excellent desktop apps.
  • Download Facebook Messenger for iPhoneThis tutorial will show you how to download the Facebook Messenger app for iPhone and iPod Touch, where you can send and receive instant messages directly from your favorite Apple devices.
  • Download Facebook Messenger for Android: Rather than download the complete Facebook app, Android users can get an app devoted strictly to sending and receiving instant messages from friends on the social network.
  • How to Block Users on Facebook ChatNeed to surf Facebook without instant messages interrupting your time? Is someone on your account annoying you with ill-timed IMs? Take a deep breath and follow the steps in this tutorial to learn how to go offline and block all or just some Facebook instant messages.
  • How to Find Your Facebook Chat HistoryWith automatic logging of all your Facebook Chat conversations, you can now re-read all your previous conversations, making it easy to find addresses, important dates, and other important information at your fingertips.
  • How to Use Facebook EmoticonsWant to add a little something special to your IMs? Facebook emoticons are an exciting way to spruce up your messages. Also, check out how to get dozens of new Facebook Chat emoticons on Firefox.
  • Guide to Facebook Smileys: Emoticon users will want to check out our guide to using smileys on Chat, from learning the original icons to how creating icons for Facebook can actually turn into a lucrative career.