How To Fix It When Facebook Messenger Is Not Working

Learn how to solve common Facebook Messenger problems

Facebook Messenger is a handy way to communicate with friends and family by text, voice, and video. However, when Messenger is not working for you, find out why and fix it. Below are some common issues and fixes you should investigate before contacting Facebook support.

Facebook Messaging
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Causes of Facebook Messenger Problems

There are many reasons why Facebook Messenger may not be working, ranging from hardware problems on your end to software glitches on Facebook's end. Whether or not you can fix the problem depends on the diagnosis and its potential solutions.

How To Fix Problems With Facebook Messenger

Here are some common problems that users report along with potential solutions. If the problem you experience and the solution are not listed here, contact Facebook. To report the issue to Facebook, select the question mark in the upper-right corner of a Facebook page, select Report a Problem, and follow the on-screen instructions.

  1. Check your internet connection. If your device isn't connected to a wireless network or the network is having issues, you might not be able to view your messages.

  2. Check if Facebook Messenger is down. When you can't access Facebook Messenger, it might be an issue on the company's side, not yours.

  3. Turn on Facebook Messenger. If the names in your Facebook Messenger sidebar are grayed out, Messenger is disabled or your status is unavailable.

    If you don't see a green indicator next to someone's name, they're offline.

  4. Update the app. If you use the Facebook Messenger mobile app and can't log in, you might need to update to a newer version.

  5. Check the computer speakers. If you're making a voice or video-call on Messenger, and there's no sound, there are some simple fixes.

  6. Make sure the webcam is working. No video? Troubleshoot the computer camera to diagnose the issue.

  7. Block users from sending you messages. If a user is annoying or harassing you, block them temporarily or permanently in a few clicks. Alternatively, check to see if you blocked someone inadvertently if you are unable to message a specific person.

  8. Check to see if you are blocked. If someone blocked you on Messenger or Facebook, you can't send them messages or reply to old messages.

  9. Unhide Messenger. If you only see the top of the Facebook Messenger sidebar in a browser window, it's currently hidden. Select the Options icon (indicated by a gear) to unhide the sidebar.

  10. Turn off Messenger for some of your friends. Users with more friends than the chat bar can accommodate might find Facebook Messenger challenging to use. You can simplify things by disabling Messenger for specific users.