What Is the Facebook App Center?

Play all sorts of fun games with your Facebook friends

The Facebook App Center is a hub for all sorts of different third-party apps that are available on Facebook. Virtually all of the apps available these days through the App Center are games, but once upon a time, it offered a variety of apps.

If you're interested in playing games via Facebook, then you might want to find out how you can find, add and start using apps via the Facebook App Center.

Where to Find the Facebook App Center

On Facebook, look for the Explore section in the left vertical menu, then select See More... at the end. Select Games.

On the app, tap the menu icon in the main menu (at the bottom of the screen on the iOS app and at the top on the Android app). Select See More > Gaming.

The Facebook App Center's main page looks similar to Apple’s App Store or Google Play


You might see the app you're looking for right away or you might want to browse to find something that appeals to you. Use the categories in the left vertical menu to browse by theme or if you're hunting for something specific and don't see it, you can enter the name in the search box. 

Only well-designed games that are popular among users are showcased in the App Center. Facebook uses a variety of signals such as user ratings and engagement to determine if an app's quality is worthy of being included. The apps must have high ratings and a low negative feedback to be listed in the Facebook App Center.

You might notice an option labeled Manage Apps in the Explore section in the left vertical menu. This is not for gaming apps — it's for apps created via the Facebook Developers platform.

Choosing An App Game to Play

Adding an app and starting to play is very easy. You can either select Play Now right on the app box You'll see a pop-up page with a brief description about how your Facebook account will be connected and what activity will be seen on Facebook. If you want to go ahead, select Play Now to start playing and follow the instructions that the app gives you.

If you want to play a game with specific friends on Facebook, select the Invite Friends button at the bottom of the app box to send out invites.

Managing Your Apps

To see only your apps, simply navigate to Games and select Your Games. (On the app, select Gaming > You.)

On the web, you might notice a gear icon beside each app you've added. You can select this to change or limit the information you want to share with the app — but keep in mind that certain information is required.

If you want to remove an app, you can select Manage App Settings in the top right on the web and be taken straight to your Apps and Websites section. You can also do this by selecting the down arrow in the top right of the screen > Settings > Apps and Websites.

You might see other types of apps in your Apps and Websites section, such as those you've used to log in with your Facebook account. To see gaming apps you've played, you'll have to navigate to Instant Games located directly beneath the Apps and Websites section in your settings.

To remove an app, select the checkbox beside the app and then select the blue Remove button.


To manage your gaming notifications, navigate back to the Apps and Websites section, then select Edit under Game and App Notifications. If they're turned on, you can select Turn Off so you stop receiving them. You can always turn them back on whenever you want.

You might need to turn off app notifications for your mobile device separately. On the Facebook mobile app, select the menu icon > Settings & Privacy > Settings > Apps and Websites and then select No under Games and App Notifications.

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