What You Need to Know About the Facebook App Center

Facebook Logo 2013
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The Facebook App Center is a hub of apps available on Facebook. It's focused mostly on games, although it once offered a variety of apps. Its dashboard looks similar to Apple’s App Store or Google Play. The App Center lets you choose the apps you want to access on your Android or iOS device or via the mobile web. They then show up as notifications in the Facebook mobile app. 

Where to Find the App Center

Some users see a blue-gray menu bar to the left side of the page when they log onto Facebook. The menu covers pretty much everything associated with your Facebook account. You'll find a section called "Apps" here, and Games appears under it. Clicking on Games will take you to the App Center. Easier yet, you can simply type "App Center" into the search bar to get to the App Center page. 

You might see the app you're looking for right away or you might want to browse to find something that appeals to you. If you're hunting for something specific and don't see it, you can enter the name in the search box at the top of the page. 

Only well-designed games that are popular among users are showcased in the App Center. Facebook uses a variety of signals such as user ratings and engagement to determine if an app's quality is worthy of being included. The apps must have high ratings and a low negative feedback to be listed in the Facebook App Center.

How to Access an App

Click on the image of the app you want and a pop-up page appears. It gives a brief description of the game, as well as the number of games that are currently being played, how many "likes" the game has and how many people are playing. This information can vary by game. You'll also see which of your friends also play or like the game. A requirement for all games showcased on Facebook's App Center is a detail page including this information as well as screenshots from the app.

"Play Now" 

You can click on "Play Now" and get down to business. The game will receive certain information from your Facebook account when you do this. The nature of the information is disclosed beneath the "Play Now" bar. It typically includes your public profile, but it may also include your friends list and your email address. If you're not comfortable with sharing this information, you can edit it. 

Some apps have a little flag icon at the top right corner of the page. Clicking on this allows you to visit the app's page directly. Users cannot download all available games from the app center, at least to their computers. They must play on Facebook. 

Send an App to Your Phone

Click on "Read More" in the game description if you want to play on your mobile device. This will take you to another page that allows you to "Send to Mobile," in addition to "Play Now." The same information is distributed to the game distributor when you send to mobile unless you edit it.