Fable Cheats, Tips, and Glitches for Xbox

Get unlimited items, walk through walls, and more cheats for Xbox

Fable character with demon attacking

 Microsoft Game Studios

The original Fable has cheats and glitches that players can exploit to get unlimited items and stat boosts. It's even possible to walk through walls in some areas to get around locked doors and other obstacles.

These cheats are for the 2004 game Fable for the original Xbox, but most information also applies to its re-releases for other platforms.

Hero Save Trick

If you use Hero Save during a quest and reload your save file, you'll restart the mission from the beginning, but you'll have all of the items you collected including any gold. Take advantage of this trick in the Arena to win massive sums of money by playing the same missions over and over again.

How to Get Infinite Silver Keys

You can use the Hero Save glitch in the Rose Cottage mission to get an unlimited supply of silver keys. Dig around the circular rose garden near grandmother's house to find a key, then Hero Save. Reload and repeat.

Always Berserk Glitch

Save the game after using the Berserk ability, then reload the save file. You'll remain in Berserk mode indefinitely until you cast Berserk again.

This glitch only works with certain characters.

How to Get Unlimited Renown Points

Use this glitch to get easy renown points:

  1. Purchase a spade.

  2. Take on a new quest in the guild and choose to boast about it to be taken to Lookout Point.

  3. Leave the podium and use the spade to dig a hole in the ground. This will reset the NPCs in the area.

  4. Keep digging to spawn more people. Once you've amassed a big crowd, show them one of your trophies to earn a glut of renown points.

You can then kill the onlookers with magic to increase your combat multiplier and earn experience points.

How to Throw Fireballs and Shoot Arrows at the Same Time

It's possible to shoot a flaming arrow if you have a bow and the Fireball spell:

  1. Assign the Fireball ability to the X button on the quick access menu.

  2. Pull out your bow and hold the left trigger to target an enemy.

  3. Hold the right trigger to bring up the quick menu.

  4. Hold the X button to charge the Fireball.

  5. Release the right trigger (while still holding left trigger and X) to draw an arrow.

  6. Release X when the bow string is pulled all the way back to send the arrow and the fireball flying at the target simultaneously.

This glitch sometimes works with other spells that can be charged such as Lightning.

How to Walk Through Walls

This glitch only works in places where you can dig:

  1. Assign the spade to any button on the D-pad.

  2. Stand with your back against the wall (or fence, or door).

  3. Start digging to move backwards through the wall.

Use this trick to get past locked door without using keys and access restricted areas eary in the game.

How to Get Unlimited Gold

For unlimited cash flow:

  1. Purchase the house in Oakvale for 5000 gold.

  2. Mount your most expensive trophies inside the house.

  3. Destroy the front door.

  4. Sell the house for a profit.

  5. Return to collect your trophies (the doorway will remain open).

  6. Buy back the house and repeat the process whenever you need extra money.

How to Get Unlimited Experience

For quick and easy leveling, go to the Lychfield Graveyard and find an area where Undead enemies come out of the ground. After you defeat them, more Undead will spawn indefinitely, so keep fighting until you have all the experience you need.