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F1 2015 screen 1. Codemasters

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It took nearly two years it took to bring the F1 series to Xbox One and PS4 and, at first glance, it seems like it was time well spent.  Codemasters' first Formula 1 game on current-gen looks great, feels fast, and delivers some remarkably exciting racing.  Except for one little problem - the features and modes list is ridiculously, disappointingly short.  This is a full-priced, $60 MSRP release, but it is about as bare bones as you can get compared to Codies' F1 games on Xbox 360 released over the years.

  We have all of the details here in our full F1 2015 review.

Game Details

  • Publisher:  Codemasters
  • Developer: Codemasters
  • ESRB Rating: “E" for Everyone
  • Genre: Racing
  • Pros:  Nice visuals; solid racing gameplay; wide range of assists and difficulty settings make it accessible
  • Cons:  Serious lack of content; poor sound mix


The feature list in F1 2015 is pretty slim.  While it starts out promising by allowing you to choose from the 2014 or 2015 seasons, it goes downhill from there.  The modes list consists of - a season mode, a hardcore difficulty Pro season, quick race, online multiplayer, and time trials.  That's it.  There is no career or classic modes or really much of anything.  You can't even create a driver and work your way up from the bottom in the career modes - you just pick an existing team and driver and run a single normal season.  Past features like managing your driver's life off the track and doing press interviews and stuff are nowhere to be found.

  Just about every sports game has lacked features the first go-round so far this gen (Rory McIlroy PGA Tour, NHL 15, EA Sports UFC just to name a few), but F1 2015 has lowered the bar even more.


It is a good thing, then, that the action out on the track is actually quite good here.  Thanks to a wide array of assists and difficulty options, the game is really accessible, much more so than past F1 games.

  In previous games, even after turning on all of the assists and putting it on casual babby mode it was still possible to spin out and struggle through corners if you weren't careful.  In F1 2015 you are pretty well stuck to the track if you set it up right.  The other end of the spectrum is still present, of course, and you can set the game up to be incredibly demanding and realistic if you want.  I like having options. 

As a result, you can make the game play how you want and have a great time with it.  It feels really good to play, and the sense of speed is really pretty incredible.  The game is fast and maintains a mostly solid framerate.  Feeling truly in control and being able to swerve around and dive under the competition in corners and stuff, but also having the A.I. drivers darting all over the place and being really racy and aggressive is really thrilling.  Everything happens so fast and smoothly and it always keeps you on your toes, but it is really fun.  The haptic feedback triggers on the Xbox One controller also give you great feedback so you can actually, truly, "feel" what you car is doing.  That's awesome.  I think that, for me, this is the most fun F1 game yet to actually play.

  Granted, I'm not really a big F1 fan and maybe what I like isn't realistic at all, but I had a great time with it.

Graphics & Sound

Visually, F1 2015 is really nice looking.  The cars are detailed and fantastic looking and the tracks look fine as well.  The environments surrounding the tracks are denser with more details that make them feel much more like real places (which they are, of course) than past games (not just F1, but all racing games) where the tracks are sort of barren and bland.  As I mentioned, the sense of speed is incredible here and while the game doesn't quite consistently reach the 60FPS target, it is still smooth and I have no complaints.


The sound is a little disappointing, however.  The cars just don't sound very good, and the audio mix is really wonky.  The default settings have your engineer mixed so low you can barely hear them over the engine noise.  Not that they ever say anything particularly interesting anyway.

Bottom Line

All in all, F1 2015 is a solid game out on the track, but doesn't really offer enough features to justify the $60 price tag.  For some folks, all they want is a season mode to play out their fantasies with their favorite drivers on their favorite tracks, and for those people, F1 2015 has you covered.  If you need more motivation, if you want a full career mode, if you want customization, or if you want classic F1 cars or scenarios, F1 2015 won't satisfy you.  The gameplay is fantastic, though, and the game is more accessible than ever for a wide range of skill sets and interest levels, so it's a shame there isn't more to do.  I can't really recommend F1 2015 for a full MSRP purchase, but it will get more and more appealing as the price comes down, so keep an eye on it.

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