How to Use the Eyedropper (Sample Color) Tool in MS Publisher

Match your colors perfectly by sampling an existing hue

Elegant Brown Graduation Template or Printable for Microsoft Publisher

Instead of picking from the theme colors or other color palettes in Microsoft Publisher, use the eyedropper to select a fill, outline, or text color from any other object in your document.

Choose the Tool

Publisher with color picker

With the picture selected, choose Picture Tools > Format > Picture Border > Sample Line Color.

If you're selecting colors from other shapes, select a shape and go to Drawing Tools > Format > Shape Fill > Sample Fill Color or Shape Outline > Sample Line Color. 

If you're selecting a color from the text you've added to the page, highlight the text and navigate to Text Box Tools > Format > Font Color > Sample Font Color.

Sample the Color

When your cursor changes to an eyedropper, place it over any color in the image. If you click and hold, a small, colored square shows you the color you are selecting, This trick is handy if you are trying to zero in on one color among many. 

Repeat this step for all the colors you want to capture. They now appear in the Recent Colors section below Scheme Colors and Standard Colors.

Save your publication — the sampled Recent Colors stay with the document.

Apply a Background Color

Publisher with background color selector.

Now that you have a selection of colors, you can start applying color to other objects on your page. 

To apply a background color select Page Design > Background > More Backgrounds to bring up the Fill Effects menu. 

Select the One Color button and then click on the Color 1 drop-down menu to reveal the Theme/Standard/Recent Colors. Choose one of the sampled Recent Colors.

Insert a Circle Shape

If you'd like to insert a circle shape, use Insert > Shapes and then choose Drawing Tools > Format > Shape Fill. 

Choose a color from the Recent Colors.

Apply Color to Text

Publisher open with text color selector

For any text, draw a text box using Insert > Draw Text Box. Type the text of your choosing and select the desired font. Then, with the text highlighted, choose the Font Color menu and select one of the Recent Colors.

An Alternate Method

Sample colors on the fly by selecting the object or text you want to color. Sample the color with the eyedropper from another object or text on the page, and it is automatically applied to your selected object/text.