How to Use iPhone Low Power Mode for Longer Battery Life

Use this one setting to instantly start saving battery life

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Squeezing the longest use out of your iPhone battery is crucial. There are dozens of tips and tricks to help you, but if your battery is very low right now or you won't be able to charge for a while, one simple tip to conserve battery life is to turn on Low Power Mode.

Low Power Mode disables certain features and settings on your phone to help make the battery last longer. You can enable Low Power Mode from the Battery settings.

Low Power Mode is available on iOS 9 and up.

What Does Low Power Mode Do?

Enabling Low Power Mode makes the battery icon yellow to indicate that your phone is trying to make the battery last longer. While this is great, you need to understand the trade-offs to know when it's the right choice.

These are some things that happen when you turn on Low Power Mode:

  • Reduces Power: The speed of the iPhone's processor influences how much battery it uses. Low Power Mode reduces the performance of the processor and the graphics chip to conserve battery. This means your phone will be a little slower and might not perform as well in games and other graphics-intensive tasks.
  • Disables Background App Refreshing: Your iPhone learns how you use apps and automatically updates them around the times you usually use them to ensure that the latest data is always waiting for you. It's a cool feature, but it also requires battery life. Low Power Mode temporarily suspends this feature.
  • Auto-Lock Happens Faster: Regardless of the auto-lock setting your phone is configured to use normally, it will be reduced down to 30 seconds during Low Power Mode since more screen time uses more battery.
  • Turns Off Email Fetching: Your iPhone can be set up to periodically grab new messages from your email accounts. Low Power Mode turns this feature off and forces you to manually check for new messages (open Mail and swipe down from the top to refresh). 
  • Disables Automatic Downloads: Low Power Mode prevents automatic iTunes downloads and automatic app updates from sucking away at your battery.
  • Suspends Visual Effects and Animations: iOS is packed full of all sorts of cool visual effects and animations that make using your phone more fun, but they also use battery. Low Power Mode turns these things off to conserve power.
  • Disables "Hey Siri" Functionality: Your phone uses extra power to always be listening to this phrase that conjures up your personal assistant. Having Low Power Mode on prevents Siri from listening in this way.
  • Pauses iCloud Photo Backups: Backing up your photos to iCloud uses significant power, so they'll temporarily pause while in Low Power Mode.

The amount of extra battery life Low Power Mode delivers depends on how you use your iPhone, so there's no single prediction. According to Apple, though, the average person can expect to get up to an extra few hours of juice.

Some estimates have found that Low Power Mode can reduce battery use by 33–47 percent in some cases.

Can You Use Low Power Mode All the Time?

Given that Low Power Mode can give your iPhone multiple hours of additional battery life, it's no wonder why you'd want to use it more often.

However, having Low Power Mode on all the time will, of course, cause all of the above to happen. If you're willing to make those sacrifices, there isn't any harm in keeping Low Power Mode on perpetually.

Low Power Mode will turn off automatically (i.e., battery conservation will stop) when the charge exceeds 80 percent.

How to Turn On iPhone Low Power Mode

There are several ways to enable Low Power Mode on your iPhone.

Three ways to enable Low Power Mode on iPhone

The easiest method is to tell Siri: Say Turn on low power mode. You can also find the option for Low Power Mode in Settings > Battery, as well as Control Center (see the steps below).

Yet another method for enabling Low Power Mode on iPhone is when your battery is really low. You'll see a pop-up window asking about Low Power Mode when the battery drops to 20 percent, and again at 10 percent.

You can repeat some of these actions to turn Low Power Mode off. For example, tell Siri Turn off low power mode, or toggle it off in Settings or Control Center.

How to Use Low Power Mode From Control Center

On iOS 11 and up, you can customize the options that are available in Control Center. One of the changes you can make is to add a Low Power Mode icon for easy accessibility.

  1. Open Settings.

  2. Go to Control Center > Customize Controls.

  3. Tap the green ​+ icon next to Low Power Mode to move it into the upper section of icons, which are all the controls that currently appear in Control Center.

    Customize Controls, Low Power Mode buttons in iOS Settings
  4. Open Control Center by pulling down from the top of the screen or up from the bottom (depending on your iPhone model), and then tap the battery icon to toggle Low Power Mode on or off.