How to Export Your AOL Mail Contacts

Use your AOL contacts with another email service

Learn how to export AOL contacts to CSV

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You may have years of contacts in your AOL Mail address book. If you want to use those same contacts in another email service, export the address book data out of AOL Mail. The format you choose depends on the preference of the alternate email service provider.

Fortunately, exporting from the AOL Mail address book is easy. The available file formats let you import the contacts into most email programs and services, either directly or through a translating program.

Generating an AOL Mail Contacts File

To save your AOL Mail address book to a file:

  1. Select Contacts in the AOL Mail folder list.

    Contacts in AOL Mail
  2. Select More in the Contacts toolbar and then choose Export. The Export Contacts dialog box will open.

    Export command under the More menu in AOL Mail
  3. Choose CSV.

    Export dialogue window in AOL Mail with the CSV option highlighted
  4. Select Export.

    Export Contacts window in AOL Mail with the Export button highlighted
  5. A file titled contacts.csv will be downloaded to your computer.

You can import the CSV file into most other email programs, such as Outlook and Gmail. Although each email service differs, in general, you import the saved file by looking for the Import option in the email program or in the address book or contacts list that is used by the email program. When you find it, select Import and select the exported file of your contacts to transfer them to the email service.

Fields and Contact Details Included in an Exported CSV File

AOL Mail exports all the fields a contact can have in your address book to the CSV (or plain text or LDIF) file. This includes first and last name, AIM nickname, phone numbers, street addresses, and all email addresses.

Import Contacts from Another Program

If you have a CSV file containing contacts from another email application, such as Outlook or Gmail, you could import them into your AOL Mail account.

  1. Log in to your AOL Mail account.

  2. Select Contacts in the navigation pane on the left.

    Contacts in AOL Mail
  3. Select the More drop-down menu in the toolbar at the top of the contact list and choose Import.

    Import option under the More menu in AOL Mail
  4. Select CSV and then choose Browse for File. Find the CSV file saved on your computer.

  5. Select Open. AOL Mail will notify you that the contact list has been imported.

The imported contacts might not appear in your AOL Mail contacts list until you log out and then log back in to your account.