How to Export From Yandex Mail

Forward your Yandex messages to your favorite email client

Yandex.mail screenshot
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Yandex Mail is an email service that provides mailboxes on Yandex servers free of charge. More than 20 million users access Yandex Mail every day and over 42 million users log in every month. Yandex Mail allows your browser to access email through the web and also supports POP and IMAP for just about any email program on any platform and computer or mobile device. 

In Yandex Mail, it is possible to:

  • Set up a filter to forward email to a different email address.
  • Export your contacts to a different email provider.

Set Up Email Forwarding

To configure email forwarding in Yandex to a different address, set up a filter:

  1.  Open the menu Settings gear and select Message filtering. Click Create filter.
  2. Choose from the buttons next to Apply to. They are all messages excluding spam and with and without attachments.
  3. In the IF section, set the parameters in the drop-down menus to identify the email you want to filter.
  4. Click Add condition or select one of the options, which include matches all of the conditions.
  5. In Take the following action, click Continue and enter your Yandex password.
  6. Choose Forward to and enter the email address. If you want to save copies of the forwarded emails in Yandex Mail, click save copy.
  7. Confirm the forwarding process when prompted to do so.

Export Contacts From Yandex Mail 

CSV format files are used to import and export contacts between address books of various email services and email clients.

To export contacts from your Yandex Mail address book:

  • Go to the Contacts section and click the More button in the top menu. 
  • Select Save contacts to file.
  • In the window that opens, select the name of the email client and interface language and then click Save.

All contacts from your address book are saved to your computer in a CSV file. Go to your preferred email client and import the CSV file into the address book of that provider.