Export Mac OS X Mail Address Book Contacts to CSV File

CSV file
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By default, the Contacts/Address Book program on a Mac will export entries to the vCard file format with the VCF file extension. However, CSV is a much more common file format that works with lots of different email clients.

Once your contact entries are in the CSV format, you can import them into other email clients or view them in a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel.

There are two ways to get your contacts into the CSV file format.

You can either use a dedicated tool that does it from the start or you can get the contacts into the VCF format first and then convert the VCF file to CSV.

Export the Contacts Directly to CSV

This method involves using a program called AB2CSV, which lets you save the contacts to the CSV file without having to create the VCF file first. Take note, however, that it is not free. Skip down to the next section below if you'd rather have a free option.

  1. Download and install AB2CSV.
  2. Open the AB2CSV program.
  3. Select Mode > CSV from the menu.
  4. To configure which fields will be exported, go into the CSV tab of AB2CSV > Preferences....
  5. Choose the File > Export menu item.
  6. Choose where to save the CSV file.

Convert the VCF File to CSV

If you'd rather not install any programs or pay money to make this CSV file, but instead just convert the VCF file to CSV using an online utility, follow these steps to create the vCard file and then save it to CSV:

  1. Open the Applications menu.
  2. Choose Contacts.
  3. Pick the list you want to export, such as All Contacts.
  4. From the Contacts menu, use the File > Export Expert vCard menu item.
  5. Name and save the exported list of contacts.
  6. Use a VCF to CSV file converter like vCard to LDIF/CSV Converter.
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