Export Contacts and Email Addresses From Outlook Mail on the Web

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You can export or back up Outlook Mail on the Web contacts as a CSV file.

Your Outlook Mail and Contacts, Not Just on the Web

Location-independent access to your emails from Outlook Mail on the Web with any browser on just about any device is great, and that applies to your contacts as well. But access is not really universal until you can get the data out of Outlook Mail and into other software.

Import Email Messages from Outlook Mail on the Web

With emails, this is easy.

You can access your Outlook Mail or Windows Live Hotmail account in just about any email program using the POP and IMAP standards.

What about your contacts, though? Using Outlook Express, you can export them from Hotmail for use in your favorite email program, too. If you do not have a Hotmail Plus subscription, which is required for this export process, you can export your Windows Live Hotmail contacts to a CSV file, from which in turn most email programs and services should be able to import your address book.

Export Contacts and Email Addresses from Outlook Mail on the Web

To create a CSV file copy of your Outlook Mail on the Web contacts:

  1. Click People in the Outlook Mail on the Web navigation sidebar.
  2. Now click Manage in the toolbar.
  3. Select Export contacts from the menu that has appeared.
  4. Typically, make sure All contacts is selected under Which contacts do you want to export?.
    • ​​You can also export entries from a specific folder only using Contacts from this folder.
  1. ​Make sure Microsoft Outlook CSV is selected under Select a format to export.​
  2. Click Export.

Now, you can import your address book from the "contacts.csv" file into any email program or service, or back up the file further.

Export Contacts and Email Addresses from Windows Live Hotmail

To save your Windows Live Hotmail address book to a CSV file:

  • Select Options | More options... (or just Options in the Windows Live Hotmail toolbar.
  • Follow the Export contacts link under Customize your contacts.
  • Click Export contacts.

You can now import contacts from the "WLMContacts.csv" file into the target application or service.

Import Contacts and Email Addresses from Hotmail into Outlook Express

To import contacts and email addresses from Hotmail into your Outlook Express address book:

    (Updated October 2016, tested with Outlook Mail on the Web in a desktop browser)

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