Why Exodus Wallet is the Best Cryptocurrency Software Wallet

Exodus Wallet boasts several features that place it above its crypto competitors

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Exodus Wallet is a popular cryptocurrency software wallet that can be used for securing cryptocoins and conducting cryptocurrency transactions. The Exodus Wallet app is available for free on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers and there are smartphone versions as well.

Many cryptocurrency beginners and experts choose to use Exodus Wallet for managing cryptocoin funds on their computers. Here are five reasons why the app is the software wallet of choice for so many people.

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Great Altcoin Support

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Investing in cryptocurrencies is much more than just Bitcoin.

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In addition to supporting most of the major cryptocoins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dash, Exodus Wallet also supports a growing number of lesser-known cryptocurrencies like Aragon, Civic, WeTrust, Wings, and more.

The official list of Exodus Wallet's supported cryptocurrencies is frequently updated on a very regular basis as new coins are added and what few cryptocurrencies aren't supported will likely be added eventually. Exodus Wallet allows users to manage almost all of their crypto portfolios in one place which is a relief to those who are tired of having their coins spread across numerous apps and online accounts.

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Easy Crypto Exchanging

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Shapeshift makes it easy to get rare altcoins. Shapeshift

By integrating ShapeShift directly into the app, Exodus Wallet users can convert their cryptocoins into other currencies with the push of a button and without having to open a web browser or any additional program.

All a user has to do in Exodus Wallet is to enter how much of one cryptocurrency they wish to convert, select which one they wish to get in return, and almost immediately the cryptocoin trade is initiated. Depending on the cryptocurrency traded, the received coins could take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes to show up but once they do they're automatically added to a user's portfolio. The whole process is very streamlined.

This feature is fantastic for investors who want to get their hands on cryptocoins that can't be purchased on Coinbase such as Dash and OmiseGO. It's also much easier than trading on an exchange which requires the registration of an entirely new user account and the transferring of funds.

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A Beautiful User Interface

Exodus Wallet app user interface
Exodus Wallet is really well designed.

While most cryptocurrency apps and websites require a significant amount of research before they can be used due to their convoluted designs and heavy use of crypto jargon, Exodus Wallet features a clean user interface and design aesthetic that's made with the complete beginner in mind.

One of the reasons for Exodus Wallet's stylish look is its chief creative officer, Daniel Castagnoli, who has designed experiences for companies like Apple, Disney, and Nike. With its clean charts and clear in-app navigation, Exodus Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet for everyone, not just the hardcore tech geek.

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PC, Mac, Linux, and Mobile Compatible

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Exodus Wallet works on all computers.

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Exodus Wallet is available not only on Windows PCs but also on Mac and Linux computers as well which makes it a solid cryptocurrency software wallet recommendation for pretty much everyone.

The Exodus Wallet may not be available to download from all of the official app stores but it can be installed fairly easily from the official Exodus Wallet website for free. Furthermore, official Exodus Wallet apps are also available for iPhone and Android smartphones which will bring it to even more users. 

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Frequent Security & Feature Updates

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All three computer versions of Exodus Wallet are updated on a very regular basis with fixes, new features, and support for additional cryptocoins. Not only does this mean that the app receives frequent protection against the latest security threats but it's also evidence that the developers are invested in their creation and are dedicated to improving the user experience for everyone.

Where to Download Exodus Wallet

Exodus Wallet is available to download for free from the official Exodus website. To install the app, click on the version you'd like to install from the download page via the three links in the top-right menus; Windows, Mac, or Linux. After clicking on the link that matches your computer, your web browser will download the selected installation file which can then be opened to begin the installation process.

When Exodus Wallet requires an update, this installation process will need to be repeated as the app cannot update itself. Reinstalling it will not lose any of your data or cryptocoins though as that information is protected from the installation process.