Everything Coming to iOS 15

WWDC included announcements for some significant iOS 15 features

iOS 15 is coming in Fall 2021 with lots of updates to Apple devices. 

During Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) on Monday, Apple announced a slew of new updates on everything from FaceTime to Messages to Notifications, all designed to make iOS 15 a game-changer. 

The iOS title card from the June WWDC 2021 presentation.



Users will see so many different changes and updates to FaceTime in iOS 15, including spatial audio capabilities, voice isolation, a new grid view in FaceTime, a Portrait Mode in FaceTime, and the ability for Android and Windows users to finally participate in a FaceTime call by simply sharing a link with them. 

Perhaps the biggest additions to FaceTime Apple announced at WWDC are Shareplay and Screen sharing. With Shareplay, users will be able to watch movies and other online content together during FaceTime calls. Apple said Shareplay would support popular streaming services like Hulu, Disney+, and more. 


New Messages updates include a new collage design with the photos others text you, as well as photo stacks that you can swipe through and tap to view. 

One of the most important updates in Messages is a Shared With You feature that conveniently saves and pins articles, photos, and more into a separate Shared With You folder that you can look at or read at a time that’s better for you.

You can click on the content shared, and it will take you back to the conversation with the person who shared it with you, so you can pick back up on the conversation concerning what was shared. 

The Shared With You feature is smart enough to keep the important photos or articles and leave everything else; it won’t save memes to the Shared With You folder. The feature will work in Safari, Apple Podcasts, Apple Music, and more.


Notifications are also getting an update in iOS 15, including a fresh new look with contact photos and larger icons for apps. 

A new Notification Summary will deliver all the Notifications you may have missed over the course of a day at a time you choose, such as in the morning or at night, so you can catch up. The Notification Summary will be ordered by priority, with the most relevant notifications at the top.

However, notifications from people are not included in the summary, and you’ll still get those texts or calls notifications as they come in. 


Apple is also prioritizing what you want to focus on throughout the day with a new Focus feature. The feature allows you to carve out time for your work, your personal life, sleep, etc., with a dedicated page on your home screen to help you focus on whatever it is you want to at the moment. 

Apple iOS 15


Depending on what your focus is, you can set on Do Not Disturb, and it will show up in your text messages with others that you’re not accepting texts or calls at this time, so they know you’re not purposely ignoring them. 

Focus mode will also hide any apps that you don’t want to distract you, so you won’t be tempted to scroll Instagram if you’re on a deadline. 


Users will see a new feature in iOS 15 called Live Text that will automatically identify and scan text in photographs. Using machine learning technology, your device will also be able to identify elements in photos, such as location or whether there’s a pet in an image.

A new photo feature called Memories will use machine learning to combine photos into relevant galleries or animations, even adding music from Apple Music to your memories from years past. 


Apple is trying to make your wallet completely digital with brand new features in the Wallet app coming to iOS 15. You’ll be able to use your digital wallet to unlock your house or apartment with a digital key, as well as the ability to sync your work key or a hotel key into your phone. 

The major update also will include the ability to sync your identity card to your Apple Wallet, so you can scan your driver’s license or state ID into the app (in participating states). 

Apple Wallet


Apple said it’s working with the Transportation Security Administration to engage digital ID in all airports later this year. 


As far as AirPods go, Apple announced a Conversation Boost feature that will help people who are hard of hearing better understand who they’re talking to in a busy or loud environment. Users will be able to adjust ambient background noise levels to limit the background noise. 

Part of the Conversation Boost feature also includes Siri integrations, like the ability for Siri to read notifications to you as they come in. 

Apple also is improving how AirPods work in the Find My network, including the ability to receive a separation alert if you leave your AirPods behind somewhere. 

Finally, spatial audio, which is officially available on Apple Music on Monday, is expanding to TVOS so you can use your AirPods or AirPods Pro Max to listen to movies in a different and immersive way. 

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