Eve Shows off Its First Glossy Gaming Monitor

The company is working with LG to boost display quality

Display manufacturer Eve is showing its latest project, a glossy gaming monitor, which it claims to be the first of its kind.

The new display, known as Project Spectrum, takes Eve’s 4K Spectrum and Quad HD Spectrum models and adds a layer of glossy coating over the screens to reduce glare and present a higher quality picture.

Eve Glossy Monitor


The company states the glossy coating requires a lot of research and testing on the polarizer, which is the outer layer of the display. The coating can also only be added with special manufacturing tools, so Eve is working with LG, who has the right assembly line to make glossy monitors a reality.

Eve will share more details later, but based on the information available, glossy monitors can make a big difference. For one, glossy monitors allow for more vibrant colors and deeper blacks. The coating also cleans up any haze on a screen and makes the display pop.

Matter vs glossy


This reduced haziness allows for sharp-looking text as well. In a post from 2021, Eve demonstrated how little the glossy screen reflects light, with the reflection rate going as low as 2 percent.

But Eve's claim that its glossy monitor is totally unique is a bit of stretch. Glossy displays have been around for years now and exist on laptops and TVs, but it's not seen very often on gaming monitors.

Impressive as it may be, Project Spectrum is still in the works, as it requires further testing before an official launch. Eve told its community to stay tuned for more details, presumably regarding a release date and pricing.

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