ESET Mobile Security for Android - Free Version

ESET Mobile Security


ESET Mobile Security for Android is a must-have for anyone who owns an Android device. ESET Mobile Security provides protection and enhancements in the following categories:

  • Antivirus
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Anti-Theft
  • SMS & Call Filter
  • Usability Improvements and Tablet Support

ESET Mobile Security comes in two flavors: Free version and Premium. The following features are included with the free version.

ESET's Antivirus

You can have peace of mind while online with ESET Mobile Security. ESET’s proven NOD32 technology enables you to download apps that are safe and will discover potentially dangerous apps. The following Antivirus features are available with the free version of ESET Mobile Security.

Real-time Scanning & Quarantine

Simply installing ESET’s free version of their Mobile Security app can greatly enhance your smartphone’s or tablet’s security features. With real-time scanning, your installed apps and communication are scanned for malware threats. This free feature can also protect your device from Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) attacks. The USSD protocol is used by GSM cellular phones to communicate with the service provider’s computers. USSD features include web browsing, mobile-money service, and prepaid callback service. Cybercriminals can use this protocol to automatically call a USSD code and perform certain functions, such as wiping your data.

Threats that are detected from the malware scan are moved to quarantine. Once in quarantine, the malware threats can’t do any harm to your mobile device. You have the option to remove the threat or keep it in quarantine.

On-Demand Scanning

You can take control of kicking off malware scans on your mobile device. When you run a scan, it takes place silently behind the scenes of everything else that is running on your device. Best of all, it does not disrupt any currently running processes. After the scan is complete, you can access logs and scan results to check if the scan detected in threats on your mobile device.

ESET Live Grid

The ESET Live Grid is a system that collects submitted data from ESET users for analysis. ESET Virus Lab specialists use the data to develop and release relevant updates, making ESET adaptive to the latest malware threats. With ESET Live Grid, you get real-time protection against the latest malware trends.

Unwanted Apps Detection

At some point, you may have downloaded an app that is designed to maliciously perform unwanted tasks. ESET Mobile Security can detect apps that can exploit your device’s functions and data. This feature can block attempts from making unauthorized calls or sending SMS messages.


ESET Mobile Security offers features to help you find your lost or stolen device. If you believe your device is somewhere near you, activate a siren to help you find it. If that doesn’t help, you can try locating your device using GPS. Other anti-theft features include remote lock and remote wipe. The following explains the free Anti-Theft features in detail.

GPS Location

You can attempt to find your lost mobile device through ESET Mobile Security’s GPS Location feature. You access this feature by sending a remote SMS command. You determine which alternate device you want to use to send the SMS command. The command is simple. All you need to enter is eset find followed by your password, which you initially configured for this feature, and you will receive a reply with your lost device’s GPS coordinates.

Remote Lock

If you’re worried about others accessing your data stored in your lost device, you can launch a command via SMS to remotely lock your device. Using an alternate mobile device, simply text eset lock followed by your password to lock your lost device.

Remote Siren

If you sense your phone is nearby, simply text eset siren followed by your password to sound off a siren sound. The siren sound will be activated even if your phone is set to silent mode.

Uninstall Protection

By using one single password you previously configured, you can access your app’s security settings remotely. If needed, you can uninstall your apps from your lost device.

Anti-Theft Wizard

The Anti-Theft wizard provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to set up your device’s anti-theft settings and allows you to explore all of your security options.

Usability Improvements and Tablet Support

The ESET Mobile Security design works beautifully with both Android smartphones and tablets. Updates ensure you have the latest protection while keeping your device at optimal utilization. These features include:

  • Device Flexibility - The sleek design is responsive to tablets. Some features will be hidden for devices that don’t support calling and messaging functions.
  • Small Updates - Updates that keep your device protected from the latest malware threats and won’t slow down your device’s performance.
  • New Interface - The interface places all of your device’s security options within reach.

The free version of ESET Mobile Security provides extensive security protection that other paid-for antivirus applications don’t. If you’re wanting to further enhance your device’s security features, I recommend you take a look at ESET Mobile Security Premium.