How to Open, Edit, and Convert ERF Files

Screenshot of several ERF files in Windows 10

Tim Fisher

A file with the ERF file extension is most likely an Epson Raw Image file. These photos are uncompressed and unprocessed, meaning they're the true photos captured by the Epson camera before any modifications have been made.

If your ERF file isn't an Epson image file, it may instead be an Encapsulated Resource file used to store video game content like sounds, models, and textures, and used by game engines like Aurora, Eclipse, and Odyssey.

You may see ERF files used by games like Neverwinter Nights, The Witcher, Dragon Age: Origins, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

This type of resource file may also be referred to as a BioWare Entity Resource file or an Active Media Eclipse Resource file.

ERF also stands for Extensible Record Format. It's a native file format used by Endace network monitoring hardware to store packet records. You can read a bit more on this format at

How to Open an ERF File

ERF files taken from an Epson digital camera can be opened with programs like PhotoRAW that come with the Epson camera.

Third-party programs work with ERF files too, like Windows Photos, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, ACD Systems' Canvas, and ACDSee, MacPhun ColorStrokes, and probably some other popular photo and graphics tools as well.

Is your ERF file an Encapsulated Resource file? You can edit one of these ERF files with a tool called ERF Editor, which is part of the BioWare's Dragon Age Toolset. See Nexus Wiki if you need help extracting files from an ERF file in order to use them with Dragon Age.

You can also unpack, or extract ERF files using ERF/RIM Editor. It supports other similar formats as well, like MOD, SAV, and RIM files, and even lets you pack, or create ERF files too.

To find ERF/RIM Editor through the link above, find the "General Modding Tools" section, and then use the "Download version <version#>here" link to download the program in a RAR archive. You'll need 7-Zip or another free file extractor in order to open the RAR file.

See BioWare's ERF definition for a lot more information on this format.

For Extensible Record Format files used by Endace hardware, it's likely that their own products can open the file. See for a list of their software.

If your file isn't opening using the programs mentioned here, you may not actually be dealing with an ERF file. It may instead just be a file whose extension looks similar to .ERF, like an SRF, ORF, DRF, ER (AOL Organizer), or ERB (Ruby on Rails Script) file.

How to Convert an ERF File

Zamzar is probably the easiest way to convert an ERF file to JPG, PNG, TIFF, TGA, GIF, BMP, and several other image formats. It's an online file converter, which means all you have to do is upload the ERF file to Zamzar, choose the output format, and then save the converted image back to your computer.

We don't imagine that Encapsulated Resource files can be converted to another format, but if that's possible, we're sure the option to do so can be found in one of the programs we talk about above.

Endace ERF files can be converted to PCAP (Packet Capture Data) with the instructions here.