How to Delete Games and Apps From Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS Data Management. Image © Nintendo

It happens to us all: We download a Nintendo 3DS app or game, and then fall out of love with it. Since programs take up space on your SD Card, you’ll want to get rid of the stuff you’re not using. Here’s how to delete applications and games from your Nintendo 3DS or 3DS XL.

1) Turn on your Nintendo 3DS.

2) On the Main Menu, tap the “Systems Settings” icon (It looks like a wrench).

3) Tap on “Data Management.”

4) Tap “Nintendo 3DS.”

5) Tap “Software Management.”

6) Find the game in question, tap it, and choose “Delete.” You can choose to make a backup of your save data, which you can access if you decide to download your game again.