How to Erase Your Kindle to Sell It

Once you wipe it, it'll be ready to sell it or just give it away

What to Know

  • E-reader: Menu/Quick Action Menu > Settings/All Settings > Device Options/Menu > Reset/Reset Device.
  • This deletes the entire Kindle and all your information.

This article explains how to erase any saved data from an Amazon Kindle prior to getting rid of it.

How to Delete All Data from a Kindle

It's wise to erase any sensitive data from an outdoing device before selling it or handing it off to someone else.


The following steps are modeled after the 10th generation Amazon Kindle, nearly every step is analogous to the more tablet-like devices.

  1. On your Kindle's main screen, access the Menu in the top-left part of the screen. Some models will require that you swipe down to open the Quick Actions menu. Select either Settings or All Settings.

    Settings in the Kindle Paperwhite More menu
  2. Once you've opened your device's settings menu, select Device Options or Menu, depending on the device.

    The More menu in Kindle Paperwhite settings
  3. Once you've made it to the next screen, you will want to tap on the Reset option. Older devices will require that you select Reset Device a second time to confirm your selection.

    The "Reset Device" command in Paperwhite settings
  4. After confirming you would like to conduct a factory reset of your device, your Kindle will display yet another prompt warning that your data and downloaded content will be removed. Tap on Yes to begin the factory reset process.

    The Reset Device message on a Kindle Paperwhite

Does Resetting My Kindle Delete Everything?

Before you begin your Kindle's factory reset process, it's important to know you will lose everything on the device. Like most consumer electronics, conducting a factory reset means you intend to revert your device back to the original state it was in when it came off the assembly line. As a result, all downloaded content and personal data will be wiped from your Kindle's memory.

Since your Kindle is also tied to your Amazon account, the factory reset option also deregisters your device from your account. That means any payment information, shipping addresses, or other sensitive data will no longer be accessible through your Kindle. If you eventually choose to reuse the Kindle, you can simply re-register it under the same Amazon account.

How Do You Transfer a Kindle to a New Owner?

Transferring your old Kindle to a new owner is easy once you've completed the factory reset process. Since your important data will be removed, all of your downloaded books will be erased, and your Amazon account will no longer be associated with the device in question, you're safe to hand it or ship it off to whomever you want. The device's serial number will be reassigned to the new user's Amazon account and it will function as if they were the original owner from the start.

  • How do I erase a Kindle that won't charge?

    The device needs to be on for you to erase it, so if your Kindle won't charge, you need to fix it first. Try using a different charging cable or port/outlet. It may also be frozen and not dead, so try a force restart by holding the power button for 40 seconds. If nothing else works, you may need to replace the battery.

  • How long does it take for a Kindle to erase?

    It won't take all day to erase your Kindle, but it will take a few minutes. If it hasn't restarted within about 10 minutes, try holding the power button to force it to boot up.

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