Epson's WorkForce WF-7620 All-in-One Printer

A Wide-Format, Office-Ready, Multifunction Printer

Epson WorkForce WF-7620 All-in-One Printer

About a year ago, in a review of several of Epson’s PrecisionCore-based multifunction printers (MFPs), including the notable wide-format WorkForce WF-7610 All-in-One. What was most impressive most about it, aside from it being an excellent full-featured business printer, was that it prints pages up to 13x19 inches, or what we call “supertabloid” or A3+.

No matter what you call it, a 13x19-inch surface area is huge—more than twice the size of standard 8.5x11-inch paper. It’s an excellent size for posters and oversize spreadsheets, and much more. Aside from a slightly too-high per-page cost of operation, the only thing we didn’t like about the WF-7610 was that it had only one paper drawer, which isn’t practical for an oversize printer unless you plan to print only wide-format pages, that is.

Epson, of course, offers a solution in its $299.99 WF-7620—essentially the same wide-format printer with an additional 250-sheet paper cassette tacked on at the bottom, for (when you include the rear 1-sheet override tray) a total of 501 pages from three input sources, which isn’t bad for an under-$300 wide-format inkjet.

Design and Features

Since this is an oversize page printer, the printer itself needs to be big, and at 22.3 inches across, 19.1 inches from front to back, 16.5 inches tall, and weighing a stout 47 pounds and 13 ounces, the WF-7620 is no slouch of a machine. The good news is that you can connect it to your network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, and you can connect it directly to a single PC via USB, thereby using it as a personal printer—but this is far too much printer for that!

Starting with the 35-sheet auto-duplexing automatic document feeder (ADF) and print engine, making it easy to scan, copy, or fax two-sided multipage documents. Or you can print from or scan to several different types of memory cards and USB thumb drives.

These, as well as other types of PC-free or walk-up features, including various kinds of mobile connectivity options, are configured from the WF-7620’s 4.3-inch touchscreen. Some of the mobile options include direct access (from the control panel) to various cloud sites, including Box, Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Drive. Also, you can connect from your mobile device to the WF-7620 via Wi-Fi Direct, a protocol designed to connect wirelessly without the presence of a wireless router.

Performance, Print Quality, and Paper Handling

Compared to Epson’s WorkForce Pro models, such as, say, the WorkForce Pro WF-4630 All-in-One, the WF-7620 is a little slow, but not by much. Everything that was printed on it, even a two-sided,100-page document, printed quickly, as well as a few 13x19-inch spreadsheets. Print speed is just fine, as is print quality. Not only did document pages with embedded images and graphics print well, so did standalone images and drawings. Print quality was identical to that of the WF-7610’s.

The WF-7620 has two 250-sheet paper drawers, and a 1-sheet override tray for printing one-up envelopes, forms, or whatever. You can use the drawers to increase the size of print runs or to provide a wider range of paper choices to your users.

Cost per Page

With some recent (and upcoming soon) changes in printer consumables technology, the cost of using our printers appears to be gradually going down, but probably not in time to help this printer. Even so, as low-cost, midrange printers go, at 3.2 cents for monochrome and 11.3 cents for color, this one isn’t bad—especially when you factor in that this is wide-format, or specialty, printer, not a high-volume business machine. To my knowledge, this is about as low as it gets for a super tabloid printer.

Overall Assessment

The WorkForce WF-7620 AIO is an excellent wide-format office printer. Period.