Epson Releases EcoTank Cartridge-Free Printer With Two Years' Worth of Ink

That makes this an affordable tank-style printer

Epson launched a budget-friendly entry in its popular line of tank-based printers today, the EcoTank ET-2400. 

The company has been at the forefront of cartridge-free printing for years, helping consumers save money on endless cartridge replacements. The ET-2400 brings these savings to the next level by lowering the barrier for entry for ink tank printing to $250. Epson has long been looking for that magic price point to lure consumers away from ultra-cheap cartridge-based printers. 

Epson EcoTank ET-2400


The printer has a proprietary Micro Piezo Heat-Free print head for sharp text and accurate color reproductions across multiple paper types. It is also a multi-function printer, with a dedicated onboard scanning bed and copier. It has Bluetooth for wireless printing and an integrated microphone for issuing simple voice commands. 

Like most Epson printers, this model integrates with the company’s Smart Panel app for printing from smart devices and for creating unique designs and templates. 

The ET-2400 comes with a tank and enough ink to last two years of regular printing. As a matter of fact, Epson says a single tank is equivalent to 90 ink cartridges. At an average price of $15 per ink cartridge, the savings will certainly add up, though that is par for the course with all tank-based printers. 

Epson’s latest EcoTank printer is available now, but only for a limited time. Additionally, you can only get this printer at Walmart and Target. 

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