Epson Announces Hi-Brightness Pro Cinema Projectors

Epson Pro Cinema G6570WU (top) and 1985 (bottom) 3LCD Video Projectors
Epson Pro Cinema G6570WU (top) and 1985 (bottom) 3LCD Video Projectors. Images provided by Seiko/Epson

Dateline: 10/14/2015
The annual CEDIA EXPO provides a showcase for many home theater products, and one important product category is video projectors.

At this year's EXPO for 2015 (being held from Oct. 14 – 17, 2015 in Dallas, Texas), Epson has announced the newest entries in their Bright PowerLite Pro Cinema line, the 1985, 855WU, G6570WU, and G6970WU. The following is a brief overview.

Common Core Features

All the projectors in this latest group utilize 3LCD projection technology and provide 1080p native display resolution, split screen display capability (allows display from two source inputs at the same time) and high brightness capability that allows viewing even in may moderately lit rooms (such as watching sports during the day). The projectors in this group are also suitable for larger room settings and come with a ceiling mount and a spare lamp.

However, according to Epson, none of the projectors in this series are 3D compatible.

Pro Cinema 1985

The Pro Cinema 1985 serves as the starting point for this latest group. It core features include:

Light Output (Color and B/W) - 4,800 lumens.

Contrast Ratio 10,000:1

Image Size Range - 50 to 300 inches

Lens Characteristics Manual Focus, F-Number 1.5 - 2, Focal Length 23 - 38.4mm, Zoom Ratio 1 - 1.6 (manual only).

Keystone Correction - Automatic (Vertical + or - 30 degress, Horizontal + or - 20 degrees).

Lamp Characteristics - 280 watt lamp with a rated life of 3,000 hours (Normal Mode) and 4,000 hours (ECO Power Consumption Mode).

Fan Noise - 39db (normal mode), 31db (Eco mode). This may be loud in a small room.

Wired Connectivity - 2 HDMI inputs (one MHL-enabled for connection of compatible smartphones, tablets, or MHL-version of the Roku Streaming Stick), 1 composite video input, and 2 PC monitor inputs, as well as PC monitor output for connection to second video projector or monitor.

Also, a USB connection is also provided for display of still image files stored on flash drives, as well installation of any needed firmware updates.

Also, the 1985 also has a built-in 16 watt mono speaker system, supported by three sets of analog stereo inputs (one set RCA, two 3.5mm), as well as a 3.5mmm audio output connection for loop through to a external audio system (preferred for best audio quality).

Wireless Connectivity - In addition to the wired connections listed above, the Pro Cinema 1985 also offers wireless mirroring from compatible smartphones, tablets, and laptops via built-in Miracast and WiDi.

Control - Control support for the Pro Cinema 1985 includes a provide IR wireless remote, as well as an R232C connector for custom control integration needs.

Pro Cinema 4855U

Next up is Epson's Pro Cinema 4855U. This projector is larger than the 1985 and features a centered mounted lens design.

A lot of the specs are the same, including the 50 to 300 inch image size projection capability, but actually has slightly lower lumens output of 4,000 (Color and B/W). Also, the effective contrast ratio dips down to 5,000:1 in high brightness mode.

However, the 4855WU offers up Faroudja DCDi Cinema video processing, as well as adding Optical Lens Shift (horizontal and vertical), in addition to Keystone correction.

In terms of connectivity, the 4855 adds an S-Video input (this is really rare these days), hardwire remote connection option, BNC-style component video input connections, and a Display Port. input connection. However, there is only one standard HDMI input provided (no MHL-compatibility).

On the the other hand, the 4855WU does not offer the wireless Miracast and WiDi options that the 1985 offers.

Pro Cinema G6570

Moving further up the line is the Epson Pro Cinema G6570. The standout features on this projector include a really bright 5,200 lumens output (Color and B/W), but still retains a 5,000:1 contrast ratio.

On the other hand the big additions on this model include inter-changeable lenses (there are six available) that can accommodate any size room, or rear and front projection setups, as well as the inclusion of HDBaseT connectivity. HDBaseT provides an efficient and cost-effective way of connecting HDMI sourced audio, video, and network sources over a single CAT5e/6 cable, especially over long distances.

Pro Cinema G6970

Finally, we arrive at the top of this Epson projector group with the Pro Cinema G6970.

The projector has the ability to 6,000 lumens (color and B&w), and added connection support including both HDBaseT and SDI options, as well as more sophisticated custom control capability. The projector also has the same interchangeable lens options as the G6570.

More Info

The Epson Pro Cinema 4855WU has a suggested price of 3,099.00 and is available now through authorized Epson Dealers and Installers - Official Product Page.

The Epson Pro Cinema 1985 ($2,499.00 - Official Product Page), G6570WU ($5,499.00 - Official Product Page, and G6970WU ($6,999.00 - Official Product Page), are expected to arrive at Authorized Epson Dealers by November, 2015.

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