What Is an EPRT File?

EPRT files are 3D drawings you can open with the free eDrawings Viewer tool

What to Know

  • An EPRT file is an eDrawings file.
  • Open one with eDrawings Viewer or SOLIDWORKS.
  • Convert to an image, EXE file, and other CAD formats with those same programs.

This article explains what EPRT files are and how they're used, plus how to open or convert one.

What Is an EPRT File?

A file with the EPRT file extension is an eDrawings file. It contains a representation of a 2D or 3D drawing generated from a CAD program.

EPRT files are created through CAD programs via the eDrawings Publisher plug-in. They're typically made so that a 3D drawing can be easily transferred online and viewed for free, even by an inexperienced user. The format is not only lightweight but also read-only, which means no changes can be made to the original model.

EDRW and EASM are two other similar eDrawings file formats.

EPRT files in Windows 10

How to Open an EPRT File

EPRT files can be opened with the free eDrawings Viewer software. It lets you move around the part in a 3D space, zoom, print, run an animation that displays all sides of the drawing, protect the file with a password, and stamp the drawing with words like final, internal use only, approved, void, preliminary, etc.

The same company, Dassault Systemes, also makes SOLIDWORKS, which will open EPRT files, too. It's not free, but you can download the SOLIDWORKS trial.

Much of the file format exists in plain text, meaning you could use a free text editor to open it as a text document. However, doing this clearly isn't the route you want to go if you're interested in viewing the 3D model. For that, stick to one of the programs mentioned above.

We don't know of any other format that uses the .EPRT file extension, but if your file isn't opening with these programs, or you know it's not a drawing file, then try opening it with a text editor. There's normally some text at the very beginning or end of a file that can help identify what format it's in.

If you find that an application on your PC does try to open the EPRT file but it's the wrong application or if you would rather have another installed program open these files, you can change the file associations in Windows.

How to Convert an EPRT File

Most popular file formats, like PDF and MP4, can be converted to other formats with a free file converter tool. But with EPRT files, you'll need to use a program like the one mentioned below.

If you open it in eDrawings Viewer, go to File > Save As to convert it to HTM, BMP, TIF, JPG, PNG, or GIF. There's also an option for converting it to EXE (or ZIP with an EXE automatically saved inside it) so that you can send it to someone else that doesn't have, or doesn't want to install, a viewer program. The EXE file they get will open the drawing without any other CAD software installed.

SOLIDWORKS can be used to export the EPRT file to other CAD-related file formats like FBX, OBJ, DWG, and some other similar ones.

As far as we know, there's no way to convert your standard EPRT file to STL unless that option was expressly allowed during the file's creation. Once the drawing is in the STL format, it can then be converted to SLDPRT via SOLIDWORKS.

Still Can't Open It?

At this point, if those programs aren't opening the file, there's a good chance you're misreading the file extension. When this happens, other files that use a similar suffix are confused for an EPRT file.

An EPP file, for example, could be a TalaPhoto project, something that has nothing to do with drawings. ERP is another similar-looking extension that's used in the Future Games Alter Ego video game as an archive file.

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