Epic Launches Cabined Accounts to Better Protect Young Online Gamers

They can still play online, but with some restrictions

Epic Games is adding an extra layer of protection for young users via 'Cabined Accounts,' which block certain in-game functions for underage players.

Online gaming is pervasive, causing concern over the safety of younger players—which is why Epic Games is introducing Cabined Accounts. This automated feature prevents users under the age of 13 (or their country's digital consent age) from accessing specific features until an adult can adjust that account's Parental Controls.

Parent and child in front of laptop

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More to the point, any users under the digital consent age will still be able to play the games they enjoy online, but their account will be cabined. This means online chat, in-game purchases, downloading non-Epic games, trades, custom display names, activity-based recommendations, and more will be inaccessible. At least until the parental consent process is completed—or the account holder grows old enough to fall outside the age limit.

A guardian's email has to be provided, then that guardian will receive an email with links to learn more about Epic's privacy policies and Parental Control setup. Once they finish making the adjustments they want or need, they'll have to verify their adulthood through an Epic company called SuperAwesome. Once that's complete, the young player's account will be taken off of Cabined status, then they can continue to use their Epic account as before, guided by the Parental Control settings that have been selected.

Cabined Accounts begin rolling out today, requiring a one-time submission of your date of birth for all Epic account users. Once submitted, accounts belonging to anyone deemed underage will automatically be cabined until the parental verification process is completed. Epic is currently applying Cabined Accounts to Fall Guys, Fortnite, and Rocket League.

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