What Is an EPC File?

Three formats use the EPC file extension, so you could have a video game file, a diagram, or an eBook

What to Know

  • An EPC file could be a Doctor Who or Jill of the Jungle game file, a diagram, or an eBook.
  • Open one with Firehand Ember Free; Eclipse or a text editor; or an eBook reader; respectively.
  • How you convert the EPC file depends on the format it's in.

This article explains the variety of formats that use the EPC file extension, including how to open each type and how to convert your file to a different file format.

What Is an EPC File?

A file with the EPC file extension is most likely a video game file used by Doctor Who or Jill of the Jungle. The file likely holds data like 3D scenes or maps, but the two EPC files are otherwise unrelated to each other, other than the fact that they're both used for a PC game.

An EPC file may instead be an EPC Tools Diagram file, which is an XML-based file used to store diagrams.

Another type of EPC file is one that holds an eBook. We don't have much information on this type, but it can be assumed it's similar to the EPUB format.

EPC is also short for some technology terms, though none of them are related to the file formats described on this page. These include evolved packet core, earnings per click, end point control, and embedded personal computer.

How to Open an EPC File

EPC files that are associated with the games mentioned above should open just fine with the Firehand Ember Free image viewer. This, of course, isn't going to open the file in either game, but instead should show you the graphic that the file represents.

Eclipse can open EPC files that use the XML format, though you might need a plug-in (like EPC Tools). You should also be able to view the file in any text editor, like Notepad++. A text editor might be helpful to some degree, but this file is probably best used with Eclipse.

We haven't been able to test this, but an EPC file that's an eBook file might be able to open in the same applications that work with EPUB files. However, you most likely have to rename the book to .EPUB so that the program will recognize it.

AlReader for Android is one app that supports EPC files that have been renamed to EPUB.

If you find that a program on your computer opens EPC files when you double-click them, but it's the wrong program or not the one you want to use, change file associations in Windows to force a different program to open it.

How to Convert an EPC File

We have little confidence that an EPC game file can be converted to any other format. Especially considering that the format is used only in the two games mentioned above, they probably have no practical use existing in any other format.

The XML format that some EPC files are saved in should probably remain in their original format. However, you can surely convert them to another XML-like format using a text editor or XML viewer.

What we said above about renaming an .EPC eBook to .EPUB is probably the best way to convert that type of EPC file to a new format. However, the act of renaming the extension doesn't actually convert the file. Once it's in the EPUB format, you can use a free document converter to convert the eBook to DOCX, HTML, PDF, and other text-based formats.

You cannot usually change a file extension (like the .EPC file extension) to one that your computer recognizes (like .JPG) and expect the newly renamed file to be usable. An actual file format conversion must take place in most cases, which is usually possible with a free file converter.

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