Entertainment Space Brings All Your Media Together on Android Tablets

Google wants to make media consumption easier

Google announced Entertainment Space today, a new feature that will bring your videos, books, and games together on Android tablets, starting with Walmart's onn.-branded devices later this month.

Entertainment Space will be easily accessible on tablets by swiping left on the home screen and will include three tabs you can select from called Watch, Games, and Read. The Verge reports that the Watch tab looks like Google TV running on a Chromecast, but notes that it has been downsized to better fit the tablet screen.

An overview of the three tabs in Entertainment Space on Android


The new space will bring together television shows and YouTube videos into one easy-to-navigate page under the Watch tab. This means you can start watching content from apps like Twitch, Hulu, Google TV, and several other subscription-based services. It also will include personalized and trending recommendation rows, and allow you to pick up where you left off on recently watched shows.

The Game tab is similar in style to Watch and will bring together all the gaming apps currently installed on your Android tablet, allowing you to quickly resume sessions or even look for new titles. The announcement also mentions that some of the games featured in Entertainment Space do not require downloads, allowing you to jump into them instantly.

The Read tab in Google's Entertainment Spaces


Finally, the Read page will allow you to pick up right where you left off in that new novel you purchased through Google Play Books. Google doesn’t mention any kind of support for other reading services like Kindle, but you can pick up some audiobooks through the service, as well. Like the other tabs, you also can find other new content to choose from.

While Walmart tablets will be the first to receive the new feature, new and specially selected Android tablets from companies like Sharp and Lenovo will get it later this year.

Update May 5, 2021 01:51PM EDT: Google confirmed to Twitter user Daniel Bader that Entertainment Space would take the place of Google Discover on Android devices.

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