How to Accurately Enter PSP Cheat Codes

Sony PSP Controller Configuration - PSP Controller Layout for Entering PSP Cheat Codes

Sony/Jason Rybka

It may seem like a pretty basic aspect of gaming—knowing the controller. Or, as is the case with the Sony PSP, knowing the system. If you're not too familiar with gaming systems though, this little guide should help you understand how to enter codes on your PSP.

As you read through the cheat codes that are available in the PSP Cheat Codes section, you'll notice that a lot of the codes are abbreviated. Knowing exactly what they stand for is key to making your cheat code entry go as smooth as possible.

Several areas of the image above are marked with yellow areas. We've detailed below a brief description as well as any important notes regarding them.

Buttons and Their Functions

  • L1 / R1 - These are the triggers or bumpers at the top left and right of the system. Whenever you see a code with R, R1, L, or L1, it refers to these triggers.
  • D-Pad - Here is where most of the confusion comes in. Any code that uses directionals (like Up, Down, Left, Right) is entered using the D-Pad unless otherwise noted.
  • Analog Stick - In some games, it is required that directional input is entered using the Analog Stick, however, this is rare and will be clearly noted on the cheat page.
  • Start / Select - Many times the Start button is used to pause a game prior to entering a cheat code, and the Select button is sometimes used in codes.
  • X, O, Square, and Triangle - These are generally the bulk of the cheat codes. Simply press them in the combination required to activate a code.

Now that you're familiar with the proper buttons to press, go grab some cheat codes for your favorite games.