Encrypted Messenger Chats Get Several Fun New Themes, Emojis, and More

Group profile pictures, too

Facebook and parent company Meta just announced updates to Messenger’s end-to-end encrypted chat feature.

Before now, encrypted chats were a spartan affair, with blank white backgrounds and nothing to increase the fun factor, as the priority was on privacy and security. This update adds amusing new features like personalized chat themes. All the colors of the rainbow and several unique gradient designs are at your disposal here. 

Facebook Messenger Chats


Chat themes are not the only aspect of the experience getting a makeover, however, as the update brings custom chat emojis and reaction gifs to the party. There is now a full menu of emojis and reactions to choose from. 

Other improvements include group profile photos for large chats, link previews, and an active status feature to let people know when you are available. Android users get access to the chat bubbles feature, allowing people to read and reply to messages while using other apps. 

Finally, Facebook is planning on making end-to-end encryption the default option for Messenger chats, testing the feature on user chats throughout the coming weeks and months before implementing it platform-wide. The tests are random, though chat participants will be informed via the app when upgrading encryption protocols to the new standard. 

For the uninitiated, end-to-end encryption increases privacy and security as both sides of the chat are fully encrypted, with not even Meta having access to the contents of the conversation. 

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