EncodeHD Review

Full review of this free video converter

What We Like
  • Converts videos to formats supported by popular devices

  • Easy to use and doesn't have a confusing, cluttered interface

  • Can automatically split large video files into smaller chunks

  • Runs from portable locations like flash drives

What We Don't Like
  • Can't make any edits to the videos before converting

  • No option to join multiple video files together

  • Unable to pause the conversion, only cancel it completely

  • An update hasn't been released since 2013

EncodeHD is a free video converter that makes it easy to convert videos from over 20 formats into formats recognizable by various devices (all listed below).

What we like most about EncodeHD is that it isn't hard to use, so you don't need to read through a list of instructions to learn how to convert your videos. Plus, the program is completely portable, so you can even run it from a USB thumb drive.

More Information on EncodeHD

EncodeHD Free Video Converter Software

Here are a few more facts about EncodeHD:

  • You're able to install EncodeHD on Windows 10 down through Windows XP
  • A custom folder can be chosen for where EncodeHD should save the converted file
  • You can convert more than one video sequentially by just adding additional videos to the queue
  • If you select the option, EncodeHD can split the video into smaller pieces to allow each piece to fit on a 4 GB disc
  • If you don't mind a slower conversion time, you can sacrifice time for a higher quality conversion with the H.264 option supported by some of the output device options
  • The estimated remaining time to complete the conversion is shown at the very bottom of the program
  • If you plan to play the converted file on a TV, EncodeHD will try to convert the video with that in mind so as to produce the best result for a TV, but only if you choose the TV Output option
  • For videos that have AC3 audio, and for devices that support it, you'll see the AC3 Passthrough option as a clickable box. Check that box to have the audio passed through to the output file format during conversion

EncodeHD Supported Formats

Below are the file formats supported by EncodeHD. The first group is the type of file you can import into the program (so your video has to first be in one of those formats) and the second is a list of devices that EncodeHD's converted files can be used on.

So as an example, using the information from below, you can use EncodeHD to convert an MP4 video to a format that's playable on the PS3.

Input Formats


Output Devices

Apple iPhone, Apple iPod, Apple TV, BlackBerry 8/9 Series, Google Nexus 4, Google Nexus 7, HTC Desire, HTC EVO 4G, Microsoft Xbox 360, Microsoft Zune HD, Nokia E71, Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia N900, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3, Sony PlayStation 3, Sony PSP, T-Mobile G1, Western Digital TV, and YouTube HD

Our Thoughts on EncodeHD

EncodeHD has a program interface that simplifies the conversion process. It's easy to known exactly what device a converted file will work with.

Using the program is dead simple: just choose the format you want the file to be in, and then browse for the video you want to convert. While there are a couple advanced options, the default basics are perfectly fine for someone just wanting to convert a video to work with their specific device.

Overall, we really enjoyed using EncodeHD mainly because of how easy it was to convert the videos.

EncodeHD downloads within a ZIP archive, so you must first extract the files out of that archive. You'll then see several different files (like DLL and EXE files) all together in one folder. The one that opens the program is called EncodeHD.exe.